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5 Things that are actually NOT for the Garbage but Dolls!

Hello, my friends! How are you? Today Grace and Saige will be sharing five things you should not be tossing in the garbage, but instead, give them to your dolls! I hope you enjoy the post! Here are Grace and Saige:

Saige: Hey DN viewers! I am Saige Copeland and you are watching, “5 Things that are actually NOT for the Garbage but Dolls!” I am hosting with my close friend, Grace Thomas.

Grace: Honestly, I am just here because I need to do something else for fun in my life besides making food.

Saige: …

Grace: Don’t Judge.

Saige: Ok… Grace, can you just get the first item?

Grace: Sure thing.

Grace: Here it is! It is one of those baggies humans get their jewelry in.

Saige: Yep! These bags are perfect doll sized sandwich bags!

Grace: Yes! Dolls need ways to store their sandwiches too, you know. As DN’s resident sandwich maker, you can trust me.

Saige: What is next?

Saige: Ah yes! Sticky notes! Don’t throw out your used ones if they don’t have writing near the top! You can cut out mini sticky notes for your dolls! They will appreciate it.

Grace: Jewel made some for us to keep reminders on our fridge.


Grace: The reminders don’t always work, though…

Saige: Next up we have communion cups! Jewel gathers these after church on the Sundays that they have communion! She told her friends they are the perfect doll sized cups, and so now they give them to her when they are done with them!

Grace: These can be used for so many things Including making doll sized popsicles! Check out my tutorial!

Grace: A little shameless self-promotion.

Saige: NEXT!

Grace: Oooh gum! Thank goodness, my breath reeks!

Saige: Grace, we are not interested in the gum…

Grace: Well, I certainly am.

Saige: We are interested in the container.

Saige: Tada! The container for “Ice Breakers, Ice Cubes” gum makes the perfect doll trash can! You can learn how to decorate it more with a fun post from Doll Diaries.

Grace: Seriously? A Trash Can? Rest in peace fresh breath.

Grace: That is correct my dear readers! Why give your dolls something sweet and breath freshening, when you can give them trash?

Saige: Oh come on, Grace.

Grace: Sorry. I just couldn’t keep it in. Besides, we do not need a trash can. Dolls do not have much to litter with and according to this post, we use all the trash we receive.

Saige: Umm… Grace, stop making sense. Moving on…

Saige: Now for the final thing you should give to your dolls instead of throwing it away.

Grace: OLD SOCKS! They are great for making doll clothes.

Grace: Just… be wary that your human was not prone to odorous feet. 😉

Saige: Mckenna is modeling a sock pencil skirt.

Saige: Guys, get a load of this! I am so fashionable! HA!

Mckenna: I am basically a model! POSE!

Grace: Oh brother.


Mckenna: AH! You pushed me!

Saige: Goodbye! We hope you enjoyed!

Grace: Au revoir! Try to find a purpose for things before you throw them out, except Mckenna dolls, you might want to consider getting rid of them if you weren’t already.

Mckenna: I HEARD THAT!

Saige: Kenna, she was just joking.

Saige: Right, Grace?

Grace: Well…

Saige: Grace!

Grace: Um… yeah sure. I was definitely just kidding.

~ Truly, Grace ❤

-Forever, Saige 😉

What do you guys think? Have you reused any of these items for dolls? What other items have you used for you AG dolls that some others might not have considered?! Talk to me in the comments! Bye, for now, everyone!




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