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Hello, my friends! Today I want to discuss the future of Doll Notebook with you all because I know I have not been keeping up with my posting schedule. If you would, please take the time to read through.

First, I would like to apologize for slacking off. Lately, I have felt more inspired to post things on my personal blog Treasured Script. This is probably somewhat because it is newer and has a larger range of topics to explore, but also because it is legitimately easier for me to construct posts there. I tend to just randomly start to write for my personal blog and then add gifs or pictures that I happen to have, but with this blog, I do not like to start writing until I have the pictures. I am more of a writer than a photographer so posting on this blog does take more incentive on my part. In a recent survey for this site, I discovered that you guys generally wanted more photo stories and those posts, in particular, require a lot of work. BUT! They are the most fulfilling to make if I put enough effort in.

Like I said in my newest post on my personal blog, I am also growing up. That does not mean whatsoever that dolls are not for “older” people, that just means I personally have not been playing with my AG dolls much because I have developed a wider variety of interests whereas when I was little I almost had the “AG” mindset at all times. My sister and I still have a lot of fun in our Lego House, I guess there are also seasons of life where we prefer to engage with one thing.

My family has also been through a lot of very hard things lately which I cannot be explicit with because it gets quite personal. We might end up having to move for a time which will affect this blog greatly. Please pray for us. Last week my sister and I also had to take care of our family members who were sick, so that did not help me to post.

For the meantime, I want to POST! But, since I am growing up, I am going to slightly cut back my frequency here. I will now be posting every other week: one week with a DN post and a TS post and the next week with two TS posts, etc. This way I can hopefully polish my DN posts to their full potential and crank out some quality content for you all.

I started this blog because I had an obsession with American Girl, and I am resolved to not sell a single one of my beautiful dolls because each is a memory. I hope to pass them down to my future kids. I guess that means one day this blog will have to basically come to a halt, but for now, I want to stay in the community where I made some dear, dear friends, and had some of the most amazing memories. This community is one of the most wonderful things on the internet, where girls can be friends and are free to chat about dolls. I seriously love you all. I have read every single comment and enjoyed practically every one. I want to gather all of you together for an awesome group hug because you guys made a lot of my childhood. Thank you for that. πŸ™‚ I do NOT want for this blog to fizzle out and for posts to just gradually stop coming, then for a sudden and random post to say something like, “UM… I’m done now, so bye!”

If this blog ever does have to go, I hope it can go out with a bang and that people are prepared fo it. This could be called part of that preparation. I have to let God lead me to the next things in life. One day, I hope to become an author that glorifies Him and I am already moving onto that next step. I do not believe I will ever be leaving the blogging world completely so I’m still here to be friends!

Expect a post for next week! (I do not really count this one.) Bye, for now, (just now) everyone. πŸ™‚



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