A Strange Welcome, Part One

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Hi Everyone! Today I have a fun photo story for Christmas. It is actually going to be a two-parter since there were so many pics. Tenney and Chen are introduced to everyone in the family, how will they like their new home? Hope you like it!

Raven pulled our hands. “I can’t wait for you to meet everyone. They’re a great family, I know you’ll like them.”

I glanced at Chen, to see her looking back at me. We sure hoped so.

Jewel (my human), and Jewel’s sister (Chen’s human) had both been very friendly and welcoming. Jewel then asked Raven to introduce us to the other dolls. Raven was shy at first but she agreed and led us to the house.

I’m Tenneyson Evangeline Grant, Tenney for short. This is how I met my new family.

We walked into the house. It was bustling with activity.

“OOOOH, Shiny!” One girl said, unwrapping ornaments.

“KIT, GO LONG!” Another yelled.

The other girl ran backward. “I got it, I got it, I got it!”

A little puppy ran up to us.

She sat down in front of Raven and started whimpering.

“Uh oh,” Raven said turning to us, “looks like someone needs to go outside.”

“Caroline?” She asked a girl who was prepping food, “These are our new sisters! May you show them around? I have to take Coconut outside.”

“Yeah, sure!” Caroline grinned.

Raven hurried outside with her puppy.

“Hi, guys!” Caroline called our attention, “I’m Caroline, the oldest in the family. We are so excited to have you here.”

“My name is Tenneyson, but you can call me, Tenney.” I smiled.

“I’m Chen.” Chen said sweetly.

“OH, OF COURSE!” Caroline gasped, “The country star,” she gestured to me, “and the dancer!” She grinned at Chen. “I’ve heard so much about you both! Come on, I’ll introduce you!”

Walking over to a girl with long brown braids, she explained, “This is Grace, the baker in the family.”

“Why, hello!” Grace exclaimed.

We got to talking. “You know, I’m a big fan of yours, Tenney. I listen to your music.” Grace discoursed.

I could feel myself blushing. I didn’t like bragging much about my music career. I was just doing what I loved. “Thanks,” I beamed finally, “I’m glad you like it.”

Chen spoke up, “Um, I think I smell something burning…”

Caroline looked deflated, “Oh no, my casserole.” She rushed off.

“As you can see,” Grace related, “We are very busy. If you two want to help with something, that would be great.”

“Sure!” Chen and I chimed.

“Great, I think Saige and Lanie would appreciate help with decorating the tree…”

Soon Chen and I were hanging up ornaments. “Here’s another one!” Lanie held out a ornament for me. “I think you’ll like this one Tenney. It reminds me of you.”

I hung it on the tree, “Awww! You’re right. It’s cute!”

I looked over and saw an exasperated Saige. She took a deep breath and placed a hand on Chen’s shoulder. “Chen you shouldn’t place one red bulb ornament next to another red bulb ornament! It wouldn’t look professional.”

Lainie stopped unwrapping ornament from newspaper. “Oh, good grief, Saige. Stop being so controlling. This is supposed to be fun… remember?”

“Fine!” Saige blasted at Lainie, “Let our tree look awful!”

“Oh, that’s ok.” Chen interrupted quickly, “I’ll just put it over here.” She placed the ornament in the tree away from the other red bulb, as Saige looked on, in surprise.

Suddenly Saige enveloped Chen in a big hug. “Chen, Never LEAVE! Finally! Someone who knows how to do things right!” She gasped.

“Oh, uh…” was all Chen could muster.

Finally, we finished and stood back to admire our work.

“What about the star?” I asked Lanie, pointing to the top of the tree.

“Oh,” she said, “We do that last when all the preparation is done.”

“Cool, who gets to…”

I didn’t finish because yet another girl walked into the living room area. How many people live here? I wondered.

“Oh Wow! The tree looks great!” She told us.

Abruptly she noticed Chen and me. “HEY! You must be our new sisters! I’m Maryellen!”

“YOU’RE TENNEY GRANT!” her eyes widened as she pointed at me, “I heard you on the radio!!!”

Saige and Lainie gasped. “Wait, You’re THE Tenney Grant?!” Saige was in disbelief.

I giggled nervously, “Uh… Yeah…”

“Woah,” Laine said bluntly.

Maryellen jumped for joy. “I can’t believe it… I.. I…”

Out of the blue, a football charged from behind and hit the side of Maryellen’s head.

It fell to the ground in front of her.

“Ow!” She clutched her head and whirled around. “JULIE! KIT! WHICH ONE OF YOU THREW THAT?!”

“Whoops.” The one with long blond hair mumbled. “Sorry, but it was an accident.”

“Yeah,” the other girl protested, “we were just seeing who could throw the farthest.”

“Your head just happened to be in the way, of my awesome throw that was going to beat Kit’s.”

“You wish.” Kit laughed at her friend.

“UGH!” Maryellen stomped off, “I’m going to go get an ice pack.”

“JULIE!” Saige fumed when Maryellen left. “Like Caroline told you a million times: NO PLAYING FOOTBALL IN THE HOUSE!”

“Well… ugh! We… Fine.” Julie sighed.

“And WHY, may I ask, are you wearing sunglasses in the house?”

Kit and Julie stood blankly for a second.

“Because they’re cool,” Julie responded as if the reason was obvious.

Saige picked up the football. “I better not find you throwing this around inside, anymore!” With that, she hurled the ball at Julie…

…knocking her off balance.

“Ooff!” Julie breathed.

Saige stormed past me and Lanie, muttering something about helping in the kitchen.

Lanie sighed, “That’s our family for ya.”

Chen looked a little shocked at everything that was going on.

Lainie and I walked up closer to Chen. “These are your new sisters,” Lainie explained to Kit and Julie. “Be nice.”

“I’m going to go wrap some presents.” She finished. “Good luck,” she whispered to me just before retreating.

Julie pushed up her sunglasses and put the football under her arm, “Sup.”

Kit just stood there, “Hey.”


Hehe, I really hope you enjoyed this. The next part will be up on Friday! Bye for now!



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