Hello! You can call me “Jewel.” I’m a

homeschooled teen girl

(homeschooling is awesome),

and this is my doll blog!


Here are some random facts about me :

  1. I have four siblings (two brothers and a sister), of which I am the oldest.
  2. I have a pixie cut, and will probably wear my hair like that the rest of my life, just because I like it and my hair is… odd… when it is long. XD
  3. I love American Girl. I was obsessed ever since I bought Mckenna.
  4. I adore Lego Batman, Marvel Movies, and Star Wars.
  5. I use a Canon EOS Rebel T5 camera. 
  6. I’d like to consider myself a Tom Girl (I’m actually not sure if that is really a thing, but I say it is a mix of a Tom Boy and Girly Girl.)
  7. I have another blog: TREASURED SCRIPT.

Mostly, this blog is about American Girl dolls, but you will see other doll things pop up.

I love blogging (I would totally recommend it if you don’t already). I REALLY enjoy comments from you too! I can be a little dramatic… and silly… but, stick with me here. I believe that you’re never too old for dolls. (: I hope you love and enjoy my little blog of doll delights: Doll Notebook.                                 

                                       Thanks for reading,



What people have said:

“This is an absolute amazing blog! I love every detail of it from the writing, to the photography. The dolls are super cute, and they dress fabulously. Wonderful job Jewel!” -Diamond from World of AG dolls

“This is the coolest blog ever! You’re an amazing photographer and I love the personality of your dolls. Your blog is my favorite. Always keep up the good work! :)” -Katie from All Doll’d Up by Kat

“This is an awesome blog! Plus, you post frequently!” -The AG Homeschooler from AG’s Wondrous World

“Jewel, I just wanted to say that I love your blog so much! You are a very creative blogger who obviously puts a ton of work into your posts. Your photography is spectacular and I love it when I see a post of your’s in my Reader. You have a great posting schedule and I love how you don’t leave us hanging. 🙂 Keep up the fantastic work!” – AGs in Alaska from AGs in Alaska

Thank You SO SO much to everyone, your support keeps me going! (:



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