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AG Doll Room For Tenney!


Hello Everyone! As you know, I don’t have a dollhouse yet. That doesn’t mean I still can’t make doll spaces, though. I decided there was no reason I couldn’t set up a fun room for Tenney! So that’s what I did. I just used stuff I already had. I hope this will inspire you to have a go at your dream doll room.

So, I have Tenney’s Stage and dressing room. Here is the dressing room side, basically all cleared out of furniture ^.  I liked the wall print for Tenney and it was something easily available to me, so I used it.

Next, I added my awesome bathroom rug I bought awhile back to be AG carpet.

It’s really plush as you can see ^.

Then I got the classic white box that Rebecca came in. The reason I didn’t use Tenney’s box was that I needed to be able to tuck cloth underneath. Even when I tried using the cardboard insert that she was strapped into, it didn’t work because there were plastic straps on the outside of it that made the cloth bump up. (Classic boxes are better on so many levels.)

I had this really pretty shirt in my closet that I wanted to wear, but alas… both sleeves had snags! Instead of throwing it away, I thought it would be pretty as Tenney’s bedding, and I could tuck the sleaves under the box.

Tenney’s stage and dressing room came with a little fake fur rug. Seriously though, it’s so flexible, it’s more of a blanket. I could easily wrap the outside of one of my doll pillows with it to give the illusion of a furry pillow. I added a crocheted owl one of my Grandma’s friends made, to the bed.

I hung Tenney’s robe on the hook. (The hook is upside down, as you might have noticed. That was my brother’s accidental fault, and we are still having a hard time getting it out. At least it still serves its purpose… for now, LOL.)

I had a small round orange pillow. It happened that my Mom was looking through winter stuff today and found an old pink beanie of mine. I decided to use them both.

I put the beanie on the pillow, turned it upside down, and…

BAM! Instant beanbag in a suitable color for Tenneyson’s room.

To make my own poster for her room, I first took a poster that came with the set and the frame as well. I printed out a picture I had taken of Tenny and cut it to the size of the poster. I then wrote her name on the bottom of the picture with Gel pens.

I slid the poster and picture in the frame together, (with the picture on the outside of course) and put the frame back on her wall.

I added the doll-sized dresser I bought from Michaels and Tenney’s vanity and chair.

Finally, I added accessories to the color scheme I wanted. Now Tenny’s dressing room is also her bedroom!

Tenneyson loves her new room. Here are some pictures I took of her in her room…

(Yes, Becca… she came over to see what all the fuss was about. XD)

After all those photos I realized I had originally wanted to hang my mini lantern lights in her room, so that was the finishing touch…

It can be difficult to not catch yourself in mirrors when you are taking photos, but for some reason, I then purposely took one of myself. XD What do you think of Tenney’s new room? Are you making any updates to your doll spaces? Be sure to like and comment below! Bye for now everyone!




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