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AG Q&A With My Brother!

Hello People! I saw AGsinAlaska and Natalie from The Ag Spot recently do AG themed Q&A’s with their brothers. I’ve also seen them other places in the past. I thought it was such a fun idea and it would be really funny and interesting to do with my younger brother (not the three-year-old). I got a lot of ideas for questions from the 2 girls above so definitely go check their Q&A posts if you haven’t yet. I won’t be using his real name so I’ll just call him: Bro. I first recorded this on my phone and am transferring it into typing. It was a lot of fun and there were lots of laughs. This is actually pretty long, because it took us around 10-11 minutes. So sit back and enjoy! Here we go:

Me: Alright, I’m here with my brother and I’m going to be asking him some AG…

Bro (Interrupting): Oh, Yes-sir-y!

Me: *Laughs* OK so… um… How many dolls do I have?

Bro: Seven. No wait… Eight.

Me: Eight, yes.

Bro: *My sister’s name* has seven, um… so that is… 15 dolls? 15 dolls? Yeah, 15 dolls, and, and, yes, I am so smart.

Me: *Laughs* OK. Um alright so, I’m going to open the catalog…

Bro: Catalog? I don’t like cats.

Me: Alright, who’s this? What’s her name?

Bro: Kalani?

Me: Kalani? *Laughs yet again* No…

Bro: Limy? Lanie?

Me: No! It’s Luciana.

Bro: Luciana?

Me: Yes. Ok… let’s try a different doll…

Bro: She’s all “loosy-goosy.”

Me: *Laughs*

Bro: *Laughs*

Me: Ok so… I think you should be able to name this one. Who is that doll? I have her. She’s the country music one…

Bro: Tenney.

Me: Yes! Alright, let’s see another one… I want to see if you know this one. Who’s that?

Bro: Um…

Me: *Sister’s name* has it.

Bro: Gabriella?

Me: No, that’s Melody. *Laughs* Ok, so… What do you think about the new Truly Me boy dolls?

Bro: I think they don’t look like me.

Me: They don’t look like you?

Bro: Actually… one does! Kind of.. see?

Me: Sorta… except you’re not really blond, and you don’t really have blue eyes. *Laughs* Ok so who is the girl of the year?

Bro: Tenney?

Me: No…

Bro: Gabriella?

Me: I showed you her…

Bro: Gabriella?

Me: No! Not Gabriella!

Bro: Isabella?

Me: NO…

Bro: Izzy?

Me: *Laughing* NO!

Bro: Z?

Me: Z? No.

Bro: Um… let’s see… isn’t Gabriella…?

Me: No, she was Girl of the year for last year.

My Sister (cuts in): She likes space.

Me: Yes, this girl loves space.

Bro: Luciana.

Me: Yeah! Good job. Ok…

Bro: Loosy-Luciana.

Me: So, you know I have eight dolls. Try and name all of them.

Bro: Kit… Kit-ridge.

Both: *Laugh*

Me: OK…

Bro: Umm… Serendipity.

Me: *Laughing* NO! NO!

Bro: Saige…

Me: Saige? Yes.

Bro: Soka-Poka?

Me: No! So you got six more…

Bro: That’s a lot.

Me: I know… just think of the ones I have.

Bro: Gabriella?

Me: NO!

Bro: *Laughs*

Me: I don’t have Gabriella!

Bro: Um.. this girl with the… that is a gymnastic…

Me: Yeah… what’s her name?


Me: Yes!

Bro: It’s like a boy barbie…

Me: No?!

Bro: Like “Kenna, Ken-na.”

Me: Oh! That’s why you’re saying that. “Ken-na” OK…

Bro: Hmm…

Me: Anymore?

Bro: Yeah. *Laughs* Of course, there is!

Me: I know, but do you remember anymore?

Bro: Umm…

Me: So you got Kit, Saige, and Mckenna…

Bro: Caroline!

Me: 4 more.

Bro: Cinderella.

Me: No… Well, she is playing Cinderella…

Bro: Tenney!

Me: Tenney! Yes! 3 more! Maybe you can get all of them!

Bro: Eeee!

Me: Who’s my newest one?

Bro: Tenney.

Me: No, I got another one after Tenney.

Bro: Tenney.

Me: No! Who?! That I got for Christmas…

Bro: You bought that with your own money, and didn’t give me some. *Laughs*

Me: No! I’m trying to think of them now… *Laughs* OK.

Bro: *Sister’s Name* got Logan.

Me: Yes, I know, but who did I get? I’ll give you a hint: brown, curly hair.

Bro: She’s like dramatic…

Me: My Medic?

My Mom: Dramatic.

Me: OH!

Everyone: *Laughs Hysterically*

Bro: Hm… She’s a girl.

Me: YES! Alright, it starts with an “R”

Bro: Ra-rora?

Me: Ra-rora?! No!

Bro: Ratatouille?

Me: No! Not Ratatouille!

Bro: Um… Regie?

Me: *Laughing* NO!

Bro: It’s Margret Reagan?

Me: No!

Both: *Laughing*

Me: Alright, it’s Rebecca.

Bro: Oh…

Me: And I have another one that starts with “R.” She’s the shy one.

Bro: Raven?

Me: YEAH! Alright, now one more…


Me: Yep, and she likes to bake.

Bro: Hm… Oh! Oh, oh, oh, oh, umm… let’s see…it starts with a “G.”

Me: Yes…

Bro: And she’s Frenchis…

Me: She’s French-is?

Bro: *Laughing* YEAH!

Me: *Laughing* That’s not a word!

Bro: Yes it is, if you type it in…

Me: Ok… what is her name?

Bro: Um… Grace!

Me: Grace! Yeah!

Bro: I WON!!! I WON!!!!!

Me: No, you didn’t, becuase you didn’t remember Rebecca.

Bro: AWw…

Me: OK, can you name all these Beforever Characters?

Bro: Ok… that is “who knows…” umm…

Me: *Laughs*

Bro: That’s KIT! KIT!

Me: YES!

Bro: RA-BECCA!!!

Me: Yes! You found her!

Bro: Umm..”Fancy Pantsy.”

Me: No!

Bro: “Sh-mansy.”

Me: No! Look… the names are above them!

Bro: What?!

Me: *Laughing* You weren’t even reading the names…

Bro: I am… a good… not cheater.

Me (sarcastic-ish): Oh! Good Job…

Bro: *Laughs*

Me (sarcastic-ish): You’re “a good not cheater.” What a sentence…

Bro: Yeah. I know it’s not proper.

Me: *Laughs* Goodbye!

Bro: OH NO!

LOL! That was so much fun! If you enjoyed my absolutely silly brother, be sure to like this post! Also, if you comment below what you liked, I’ll try and get him to respond something to you (and of course I will too)! Bye for now, everyone!



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