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AG Q&A With My MOM!

Hey People! Katie recently tagged me to do an AG Q&A with my MOM! Check out her post HERE! It was hilarious! I did a similar thing with my brother HERE. It was so much fun, so I was excited to do it with my Mom!  We recorded our conversation and I tried my best to translate it into text. XD This took us around 16 minutes, so it’s long, but if you stick with it, I’m sure it will not fail to entertain. Both of my brothers were in the room so there were some interjections. There will be lots of laughing. XD My first brother will be called “Bro,” like last time and my 4year old brother will be called “Littlest Bro.” I hope you enjoy!

Me: Ok, so you ready?

Mom: Yes.

Me (smiling): Name 3 AG face-molds.

Mom: Josefina… I know that one for sure. *Laughs*

Me: *Laughs* Yeah I got a lot of those.

Mom: Um… the um… is it… the… augh… goodness.

Bro: Grace?

Me: That’s not… that’s the Josefina face-mold.

Bro: Oh.

Mom: Yeah… there’s the…

Bro: Tenney?

Mom (thinking hard): No, stop…

Me: Hehe

Mom: *Sighs* Oooh…

Me: *Laughs*

Mom: Um…

Me: One of them is on Caroline, Kit, Raven, Tenney…

Mom: Yeah, I know I just don’t know what the name of that is…

Me: It’s another name for “original,” kinda…

Mom: Yeah it’s the… *Deep breath*

Me: *Laughing*

Mom: Uh…

Bro: Mckenna!

Me: *Laughing* That’s the Josefina one! You keep naming ones with the Josefina one.

Mom: *Laughing*

Bro: Um…

Mom: It’s the… (to my brother) stop! Be quiet. Pssstt. *Laughs*

Me: *Laughs*

Bro: *Laughs*

Mom: I was going to say the “Original,” and then you said, “it’s like the original…” *Laughs*

Me: Ok, well, that’s the classic one.

Mom: Classic. Ok yeah, and the other one… Is it like the “Addy” Face-mold?

Me: Yeah! Yeah!

Mom: Ok.

Me: You got it. That… That’s another one of them. So… there’s more than that but, yeah. Uh…Ok. What year did I get Mckenna?

Here she said a bunch of stuff having to do with my age, so I’m skipping to the end.

Mom: So… 2000… No, it wouldn’t be 2012.

Me: *Looking Quizzical*

Mom: Maybe? It’s like 2011 or 2012.

Me: Yeah, 2012. It’s 2012.

Mom: Ok.

Me: Ok… so… How about this: Who was my 4th doll?

Mom: M’kay… so you got Mckenna, and then you got um… We got you… what’s her name…?

Me: Ha!

Littlest Bro (repeating Mom): What’s her name?

Mom: Caroline.

Me: Yeah.

Mom: And then you got… after Caroline…

Bro: Grace, maybe?

Me: No.

Mom: No… you got… I think you got… um…

Littlest Bro (repeating Bro): Grace, maybe?

Mom: Redhead.

Me: Uh… yeah. Sort of, yeah.

Mom: Uh… AH! What’s her name?! *Sighs*

Me: Well, you don’t have to say that. So… who’s my 4th?

Mom: M’kay, and then 4th one after that was… Can I go look at them? *Cracks up*

Me: *Laughs* Well…

Mom: If I see them, I’m so visual… I can’t think…

Me: Yeah, you can go look at them.

Mom: Ok. (We get up and go to the dollhouse)

Me: I think they’re all in the dollhouse.

Mom: Shh… (My sister was doing online science in our room)

Me (looking at the dollhouse): Yeah… I think they’re all in here.

Littlest Bro: All girls?

Mom: I think it was, Kit.

Me: Yup! It was Kit. *Laughs*

Littlest Bro: It’s Kit! Yup, It’s Kit.

Me (Walking back to the table in the other room): That’s a good one… (I have no idea what I was talking about)

Littlest Bro: Mommy, it IS, Kit.

Me: Ok…

Bro: What are you doing, anyway?

Me: I’m doing the same thing I did with you a while back,

Bro: Huh?

Me (continuing): but with Mommy.

Mom (sitting down): Ok.

Bro: What’s that mean?

Me: Like the American Girl quiz thingy…

Bro: You’re posting it?

Me: Yeah.

Mom: M’kay.

Me: Ok, um… ok…

Mom (To Littlest Brother): Go finish your sandwich, please.

Me: Who founded the company that produced… well, who founded American Girl?

Mom: I have NO idea. I have no idea.

Both: *Laugh*

Me: That’s uh… Pleasant Rowland.

Mom: Ok…

Me: Uh… *Laughs* So…

Mom: Well, good for her.

Both: *Laugh*

Me: Um… so, which of my dolls has the middle name, “Darla?”

Mom: *Laughs* Oh gosh!

Me: *Laughing* Ehhehe!

Mom: Is that Grace?

Me: No, Grace is “Victoria.”

Mom: Darla… mm… ahh uh, I don’t know.

Me: It’s Mckenna.

Mom: Mckenna, Ok. *Laughs*

Me: Yeah, I don’t know… I don’t really care for that name going back, but… that’s just how it is now.

Both: *Laugh*

Mom: She’s stuck with it.

Me: Um… Do any of our dolls, including my sister’s, have permapanties?

Mom: Permapanties. Uh yeah, you do have one with permapanties.

Me: Do you know which one it is?

Mom: It’s…

Bro: It’s… Raven?!

Me: No.

Bro:  Does it… But she’s a new doll…

Me: (Brother’s name) I’m not asking you. *Laughing*

Mom: Um…

Bro: Oh wait…

Me: *Laughing* This isn’t your quiz!

Mom: Um! Who has permapanties?! Is that uh, Tenney?

Me: Nope.

Mom: No…

Me: I was actually really happy when I found out she didn’t have them.

Mom: So, it’s the one you got before, Tenney.

Me: *Laughs*

Mom: No…

Me: Wait… which one was before Tenney? I think that was Raven though, so… wait… yeah…

Mom: *Laughing at me*

Me: I don’t even know my own dolls. It’s sad.

Mom: So it is the one after that then… so it’s gotta be… um… *Laughing* I need a list of the names!

Me: Oh my goodness… uh… Ok, here, I’ll give you a hint, it’s one of (sister’s name).

Mom: It’s one of (sister’s name) dolls that has…?

Me: Yeah…

Mom: Oh, ok well… *Sighs* Logan. No just kidding! *LAUGHS*

Both: *Crack up in hysteria* (I wish you could hear us)

Mom: *Laughing* Hehe! No…

Me: That would be hilarious…

Littlest Bro (trying to pronounce): Hi-larious…

Mom: *Laughs*

Me: *Laughs*

Mom: Uh…

Littlest Bro:  You said “Larious.”

Mom: Is it… uh…

Littlest Bro: Larious?

Mom: (Clicking tongue) *Sighs*

Littlest Bro: *Sighs* (Whispers) Yes…

Me: *Laughs*

Mom: I don’t know, Babe.

Me. Uh… That’s Chen.

Littlest Bro: Oh!

Mom: Chen. Ok.

Me: She still has permapanties and (sister’s name) decided to keep them.

Littlest Bro (acting like he knows what is going on): Ooooh! Right, ok.

Me (looking at list of questions): Uh… Ok, so you got that one, and that one, so…oh man.  Ok so, which American Girl doll is from 1812?

Mom: That’s, that’s um… the blond. *Laughing* What’s her name?

Me: The blond… *Laughs*

Mom: *Laughing* I’m forgetting all their names. Um…

Me: It starts with a “C.”

Mom: Yeah, Caroline.

Me: Yeah. Ok. What about… Which doll is from 1960?

Mom: That’s uh… your sister’s doll…

Me: Yeah.

Mom: Maryellen.

Me: No.

Mom: No, no. The African American girl…

Me: Yes.

Mom: What is her name?! Why am I not getting her name… (To Brother) Help me, Bub.

Me: It’s the only one I’d steal from (sister’s name). *Laughing* No. I don’t know. I love that one.

Mom: I know… Uh….!

Littlest Bro: Oh! Oh! Oh!

Mom: What’s her name?!

Littlest Bro (Trying to pronounce): Mary-ellen.

Mom: *Laughs* Not…

Littlest Bro: My name’s (his name).

Mom: Not your name.

Me: *Laughs*

Littlest Bro: What’s her’s name?

Me: *Laughs*

Mom: Oh my goodness, why can I not remember her name?

Littlest Bro: Her name?

Me: It also starts with an “M.”

Littlest Bro: “M.”

Me: And she also likes to sing.

Mom: Melody.

Me: Uhhuh. yeah.

Littlest Bro: Melo-y

Me: Ok so, um… ok… I think… I just have a couple more questions. One of them is pretty hard.

Mom (Nervously): Ok…

Me: Ok, alright…

Mom: See, you should have asked me these questions after I had my second cup of coffee *Laughs* I wasn’t thinking.

Both: *Laugh*

Me: Yeah. Haha. But, ok, let’s see… how old is Raven?

Mom: Oh my goodness.

Me: Like, what age did I designate for her?

Mom: *Deep breath* She’s 9?

Me: Yeah!

Mom: M’kay.

Me: Exactly. And… this is the last question, alright?

Mom: Alright.

Me: Name the girl of the year dolls.

Mom: Oh. That you have?

Me: No.

Mom: Or all of…?! *Laughs* NO!

Me: How about you name as many as you can?

Mom: *Laughing* I can’t do it.

Bro: Mckenna!

Me: (Brother’s name!) Yeah, she knows those.

Mom: Well I know Mckenna, and Grace, and the…

Bro: Tenney?!

Me: No, Tenney is not…

Mom: No, Tenney is not a Girl Of the Year.

Bro: Not Tenney? Oh…

Mom: Uh…

Bro: Who’s the new one?

Mom: And…

Littlest Bro: “This new one,” (brother’s name) said.

Me: So, Grace and Mckenna.

Littlest Bro: Grace.

Me: Oh man…

Littlest Bro: It’s Grace.

Me: I’m such a… I’m so mean.

Mom: Yeah, uh…

Littlest Bro: It’s Grace.

Bro: Mommy just said, “Yeah, you are mean.”

Me: *Laughing*

Mom: Uhhh… Oh my goodness. Your sister’s got one too.

Me: Does she?

Mom: Yeah.

Me: Oh yeah, yeah.

Mom: Lanie! is the one she has.

Me: Lanie, yeah…

Mom: And then… Why am I not able to remember the redhead that you have that likes horses and painting?

Me: Yeah, I’ll give that one to you since you know…

Mom: I know, who she is, but what’s her name?

Me: Yeah, that’s Saige.

Mom: Saige. I knew it started with an “S” too! I’m like “S” but… no… I can’t think of any of them that have “S…” Ok, um… *Laughing* if they don’t belong to you I have no clue, who they are.

Me: Ok well…

Mom: Wait hold on! There’s like the…

Me: It’s pretty difficult for me too, but I think can do it.

Mom: Um…

Me: I just…

Mom: I don’t know. There’s like the Hawaiian girl.

Me: Oh yeah, that’s Kanani, the one I wanted.

Mom: Kanani yeah… because it’s ones that you’ve talked about.

Me: Yeah.

Mom: Other than that, I-I’m done. *Laughs*

Me: Yeah. *Laughs* Ok, how about, how about this: Name the contemporary dolls. There is… I’ll give you the number. There is… um…

Bro: Well over 1000.

Me: I think there’s only… wait, is there only 3? Yeah. I think there’s only 3.

Mom: Well, Tenney is one of them.

Me: Yeah. And I think they’re retiring. Yeah, they’re all retiring… soon, or they have. I don’t know. *Laughs* Tenney and then who else, right there with Tenney?

Mom: Tenney and Logan?

Me: Uh huh.

Mom: Does he count?

Me: Yeah.

Mom: Ok.

Me: *Laughs*

Littlest Bro: *Making Mmmm sound* (I think he was eating his sandwich)

Mom: And then it’s um…

Me: Her name is a letter of the alphabet.

Mom: No really? *Laughs* You mean the first letter in the alphabet?

Me: No it’s a letter in the alphabet. That’s what her name is.

Mom: OH! I’m like, I thought you meant it started with a letter in the alphabet.

Both: *Laughing*

Mom: *Laughing* I’m like, “Of course it does!”

Both: *Laughing*

Boys in the background: “A, B, C, D.”

Mom: Ohhh… a letter… so “A… B… C…”

Me: *Cracks ups*

Bro: “D”

Littlest Bro: “D”

Mom: *Laughing* “D, E…”

Me: Are you going to sing the whole alphabet?

Mom: *Laughing* “F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, O,”

Me: *Laughs*

Mom: *Laughing* “P, Q, R, S, T,”

Bro: Zee Zee?

Mom: “U, V,” It’s “Z!”

Me: Yeah, it is “Z.”

Mom: *Laughing* Ok! See, I didn’t say all of them.

Me: Yeah.

Mom: Ok.

Me: Yeah so, uh, ok (claps hands together) that’s it then. It thinks that’s all the ones I have. Those were kind of hard though.

Mom: Yes, they are. Sorry. *Laughs*

Me: *Laughs* Ok, Bye!

Mom: Bye!

Hope you enjoyed everyone!!!



  • Katie

    LOL you guys did awesome! It was so fun to read! Your brothers are adorable, I like how they kept trying to answer the questions LOL we did ours while on a car trip hoping not to get distracted. But it still ended up being 16 minutes long and had parts I cut out because we’d randomly go off on something XD like at one point we saw our neighbor and were like “It’s Bob!!! Hi Bob!!!!!” thanks so much for doing the tag, I hope you have fun!
    -Katie 🙂

    • Jewel

      Thank you! I know! Going back through the recording, I realized how much my littlest bro would interject. XD Haha! That is hilarious. No problem! It was super duper fun!


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