AG’s New Releases: Thoughts

Hola, everyone! AG has just released some new things, and overall its fantastic. Why don’t we look at some of it?

*Note I will not be going over Wellie Wisher, Bitty Baby, pet, or nick-nack stuff. We will look at all the furniture and accessories for the 18in dolls, but only outfits that stood out to me, because let’s face it, you’d be here all day otherwise. 

#78 Looks like a Lanie doll with longer hair. Just saying. She is super cute.

Ah! American Girl is definitely being inspired with their fans “Create Your Own” dolls. They gave the Jess mold a medium tone for #79, and it turned out really sweet with the green eyes.

OH, MY GOODNESS. This girl (#80) has a new skin tone, and I love it. Not to mention the Josefina face-mold which we all know I love. Still, I might not get her (at least not next), because I want a doll with a face-mold that I don’t have. I think I prefer #67.

This bunk is super cool. I do wish it had a ladder, but it is great for compact spaces, which might mean I’ll want it eventually.

Boys gotta’ sleep too.

Aww! This “Camo Cool” outfit is UBER cute. I love the hoodie and the sneakers.

I’m not a video game person (my siblings are, we have a Nintendo Switch), but this is so cool. I can imagine Xbox fans will really enjoy this. I love that it projects the “game” onto the wall. Only wish it had a set of controllers and headphones so 2 could play. Great for the boys BTW.

As always a game set. The cutest thing is the “Pictionary” game, including that adorable mini timer. The Checkers are pretty adorable too, but I find it unnecessarily expensive to have the checkers board in the form of a little table.

AG definitely has the “game” theme going on here. AUGH! This 3-in-1 Game Night Table is ADORABLE. The dolls can play ping pong, foosball, and air hockey on it. How cool! The $75 price point isn’t too bad for AG either.

I don’t like sushi all that much, but those tiny chopsticks are the bomb of the set.

Ok… um, this is good… ish? I can’t make up my mind. The pizza is cute. The cardboard box is whatever, and the ice-cream looks way too sweet with those toppings. Hey, that’s just me. XD The sodas are nice, and I like that the set serves two.

Oooh. I have not shown this to my sister yet, but I bet she’d like this. The skateboard is customizable, and I like all the other stuff too. It is expensive though, so definitely NOT a must. Still, it’s cute. I don’t get the doghouse opening. Were they just trying to give an excuse for it to be hollow?

Yay! AG has a car again! It’s about time. It’s awesome that it is remote controlled, BUT YIKES: $215. I’m going to say no thank you.

This Sparkling Dance Outfit is something I would never wear, but I do like sparkle for the dolls. The cuffs are super adorable. The leotard underneath would make a great swimsuit too.

I really like what the shirt says on this outfit, but is the cardigan vest thing attached? The shorts would be SO useful, and the shoes and hat are neat.

This cheer set is nice. It is weird because I really like everything in it, yet on the whole, I’m not that excited about it. I don’t usually get accessory sets unless they pertain to a specific character.

Eh…this is OK… I would rather DIY this for my dolls.

I have Luciana, but this outfit kind of bores me. I have black leggings and the dress is pretty plain. The headband and shoes are just add-ons I wouldn’t pay the money for. This is a bit of a disappointment, that I’d only get if I wanted another dress for Luci.

This is sorta cute… I really like the jewelry and the Saturn purse is cool. This would be a nice set to add onto Luci’s outfits.

AWWW! This makes me want Nanea. For some reason, I love dresses that make my AG dolls look like baby dolls. This dress is too sweet, and those shoes!

This is nice… but I’d only get it if I were REALLY into Nanea’s whole “world”. Definitely not of interest to me.

I AM IN LOVE! This actually looks historically accurate! You can never have too many overalls. Oh, my goodness, I love Kit’s collection, that’s partly why she is one of my favorite dolls.

Aww! This is so sweet. Of course, it’s Kit’s. At first, I thought it was adorable, then I thought I didn’t need it, now I’m thinking the structure is very multi-purpose, so you never know…

Kit’s Gardening Accessories are something I would probably really want if I got the the latter item.

A lot of Rebecca’s outfits I’m not super fond of. This one is actually kind of cute though. I might have to get it for my Becca if she’s good. XD

WHEW! That was a lot! What’s your favorite item in the new release? Did I cover it? Check it all out at AMERICAN GIRL. If you enjoyed, be sure to give it a like! Bye for now, everyone!



  • madisonsmiles

    Cool! I’m working on a post about these new releases on my blog too! I was disappointed when I saw Luciana’s dress. I had been hoping to get it before it came out, but now I don’t think that I will, considering colorful stuff is my jam! XD

  • Xyra

    NIce job! I like your take on these items. I wish Kit’s stand didn’t look so plastic. I love the sushi set and some of Maryellen’s things and some of Nanea’s things.

  • Katie

    Great post! I think they had some awesome stuff in this release, but man Luci’s dress! It’s soooooooo plain it’s not even funny! I think Kit’s outfit looks similar to the other two overalls she had, so that’s a little bit of a down side for me. I love the dance outfit though! And #79 looks like Kanani so that’s neat for people who liked her but don’t want to buy her used 🙂
    -Katie 🙂

    • Jewel

      Thank You! Yeah, they did! IKR? They could have at least added a belt or something. Ahh, ok. I have Kit’s overalls from her Chicken Keeping Outfit, but I feel like these new ones look more accurate. The dance outfit is super cute! Oh yeah! She actually does… Super cool!


  • Laura Beth

    I missed out on Kit’s Chicken Keeping Outfit years ago, so I definitely want to get her Gardening Outfit. I love it! I thought the sushi set was cool – I love sushi. That’s one thing I’ll definitely miss for the 9-10 months of pregnancy when my husband and I decide to have kids. I like Nanea’s outfit, too. I’m happy that there’s less pink!

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