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An Interesting Visit to the AG Store!

Hey everybody! I thought I’d post today, to tell you about my visit to the American Girl store! It was fun to look at all the new releases in person with my dad. BTW: Tommorow is the LAST day to enter my GIVEAWAY or up your bonus entries, so make sure to do that if you wanted to!

My dad and I checked out the new, WAY TOO EXPENSIVE, car. The seats are actually real fabric, and there are seatbelts. Still, my 9-12-year-old dolls do not need to drive. Just saying.

I took Luci along with me. She accidentally barged into the hotel room of another doll. You can’t blame her. It was completely out in the open. Luci said, “Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just looking around.” This was her first trip to the AG store, and she was very intrigued by everything there. The doll, who wasn’t pleased by the unexpected visitor, tried and tried to get Luci to leave her and her room alone. Luci didn’t even notice she wasn’t wanted. When it all failed the doll collapsed on her bed moaning. “Can I call room service?!” Luci asked excitedly.

I finally got Luci out of there and she made a new friend in the gaming area. He is SO adorable. Definitely the boy doll I would choose to get. He showed her how to play his favorite game on the Xbox.

The mini Xbox controllers are pretty darn cute. Oh! And speaking of games, my dad pointed out two boys (not dolls XD) who had brought their Nintendo Switch and were playing together. I told my dad, “Wow, you really can bring the Switch anywhere!” I squeezed past the two boys who were glued to their screen. Later, I saw a younger boy was playing on a phone. I guess most boys aren’t very intrigued by the American Girl store. XD I know from experience that my own brother would do the same thing if we dragged him there.

I hadn’t known this at first, but the new #78 doll has a fairer skin tone than the normal light skin color! AG now sells 5 different skin tones instead of 3!

I think I’m falling in love with the new #80. She is so gorgeous in person. Still, I might prefer #67 (Or that little Asian boy). I might not get another doll until my next birthday, but I’m still thinking about which one will be my next.

The Wheaton Terrier puppy was larger than I expected.

I don’t know why it just clicked in my mind, but they arranged the dogs in order of size in this display. ^  I like the Terrier puppy. My sister already has the Pomeranian and the French Bulldog.

The Bunk Bed and Bedding was shorter than I thought it would be. There were lots of girls carrying their dolls around and lots of loose dolls that belonged to the store. I was glad I dressed Luci in a retired Grace Thomas skirt, that way nobody mistook her for a display doll that I was stealing. XD

A couple of strange things happened to me when I was there. First, a couple of teen girls came up to me and asked if they could take a picture of me and my doll. I should have asked why, but the thought that entered my head was that I didn’t want my picture anywhere. I tried to be polite, so I said, “Uh… no thank you,” and they moved on. Still, I wonder why they wanted my picture.

Then another time I riding up the escalator with my dad and an AG employ was coming down the other side.  The lady was staring at me and smiling like I was the cutest thing ever. Really I didn’t think I looked that adorable with Luci under one arm, my camera over my neck, a baseball cap, bizarre green hair, my AG doll bag that caries two dolls under the other arm, and a shirt that says, “MAY THE PORGS BE WITH YOU.” Some people have told me I look like a 12-year-old though…

Luci met some cool skateboarder girls. (Earlier we had seen the skate helmet on a boy doll, and my dad thought it was kind of funny that a boy was wearing a helmet that said American GIRL. XD) The Good Vibes Skate outfit was SO adorable, plus…


The cardigan was removable!!! After seeing that I decided to get the outfit with my money. Let me know if you want to see a review of it! I also bought Tenney’s fringe shirt.

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you did, be sure to drop a like! ⭐ What’s been your weirdest experience at the AG store? Tell me in the comments!



  • Natalie Therese

    I love #80, too! When I took Michelle to the AG store, this little girl saw me walk past with Michelle and said ”I want a doll like THAT!” and that’s when I decided it would be a good time to hide behind a display case, haha.

  • Xyra

    That was a brilliant move crating Lucy’s outfit with retired product! You may not have realized it at the time, but still. Brilliant! I will remember that if I ever get to go again.

    We had a pop-up store near us in 2016 and I got to go to that one. Once I was just browsing and started to notice stuff was all out of sorts from everyone playing with the displays and I started to move things back. LOL

    Side note: be careful how you accessorize for outings. At the store mentioned above I found Jess’s bag in one of the displays. Someone lost a treasure during their trip. 🙁

    • Jewel

      Thank you, Xyra! I noticed how useful it would be when I was looking over her outfit the night before.

      Wow! I don’t know if I’d have enough patience to organize everything again like you guys did.

      Oooh yes, definitely with you there, Xyra.


  • justAG

    Woah, new skin tone? Thanks for noting that, I would have never known!

    Oh, I had an embarrassing moment at an AG store…I was looking at at doll who was sitting precariously at one of the table and chairs set. (open display) I turned around to move away, and some part of me caught her and the display! Some books came smack! onto the hard floor and the doll was launched into the air. I spun and reached out….I had the doll in one hand, and she was dipping, almost falling again….then I gained control of her. Saved-thank goodness! A lady told me, “Nice catch.” I balanced the doll in her chair again and slunk away before she could fall again. Very embarrassed.

    XD True story.


    • Jewel

      Yes!!! NP. I wouldn’t have known either. Even in person it can be hard to tell if she is not standing right next to a normal light skinned doll. I’ve just been watching Youtube videos lately, so that is how I knew about the new tone. XD

      OOOH! Yikes! I feel you, girl.


  • Katie

    Oh awesome! It looks like you had a blast!!! The AG stores are the best! That’s a great idea to put Luci in Grace’s skirt, especially with Luciana being available and out on display right now. The only doll I’ve really brought to the American Girl doll store is Molly, and she was retired, in a homemade outfit, and her hair was fried (before I re-wigged her), so I never really had trouble with people thinking she was a display doll LOL XD hmmmm, I think the weirdest thing that happened when I was at the store was when the girl working there was the daughter of someone who totally freaked out at my mom in our old homeschool group (long story….). So I was talking to the girl and someone called her, my mom recognized her very unusual name and was like “oh my gosh…” And I was like ????? BTW, I would have said no too if someone randomly wanted a picture of me 😉
    -Katie 🙂

    • Jewel

      We did. 🙂 Yes they are! Thank you, that’s what I thought. I don’t want anyone thinking I’m steeling a doll! LOL yes! Bringing retired dolls is good too. Wow! That’s crazy, and kinda funny at the same time. XD Oh, yes, you never know if they could be lying to what they were going to do with the picture too. Probably not, but still. Maybe they were bloggers or something.


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