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Are You Obsessed with AG? A Quiz!

What’s up, everybody?! Today I  was inspired to make a fun quiz to find out if you are obsessed with American Girl! Get a piece of paper and mark the ones you can relate to. The more you get, the more obsessed you are. Here it is:

1: You have caught yourself talking to your dolls.

2: You enjoy taking tons of photos of your dolls.

3: You have spent time researching custom AG dolls.

4: You’ve had American Girl related dreams.

5: You know what GOTY stands for.

6: Your AG wishlist is unrealistically high priced.

7: Your eyes are basically programmed in looking for miniature items.

8. You can name every Girl of The Year doll.

9: When AG makes a bad decision its a tragedy in your life.

10: You thoroughly enjoy creating personalities for your dolls.

1 to 4 relatable: You LIKE American Girl.


5 to 7 relatable: You LOVE American Girl.


8 to 10 relatable: You are COMPLETELY OBSESSED with American Girl!


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