Barbie Fashionistas Ken #10 Classic Cool Review

Hey Guys! The Fashionistas have been all the rage lately in the barbie world. I recently got the #10 Ken doll that just came out. He is an original, (they now have Broad and Slim Kens too) but I liked him so I got him. (If I do get a broad or slim I will review them as well.) Now I will review him for you, because he is super cool. (I guess that’s why he’s called “Classic Cool.”)

Let’s start at the top (literally). He has dark skin, thick eyebrows, and his above hair line is even. WARNING: I chose him carefully, a lot of the same #10’s had jagged hairlines, no bueno. He has larger lips than any of the other Fashionistas Kens I have.

Here is a side view ^. The small part of his neck that is “part” of his head only goes to his jaw not his chin like some others. Maybe his ears could have been a bit bigger. I can’t complain though.

Here is a back view of his head. Can anyone tell me what that 2016 Mattel stands for? I know it’s not the year he was released, or his face mold. It might be when they started bringing more diversity to there Kens? IDK.

Here is a top view. The allusion of braids is sweet. These new “hairstyles” are really fun.

Now one thing about these Fashionistas Kens… they are majorly, UNREALISTICALLY muscular! I mean… seriously ^. He’s not even flexing! Ok, I’m done.

On to the shirt! I like the black accent stitching on the sleeves and under the tie. As you can see there is some unattractive material poking out from under the sleeves. This might be just mine but the shirt doesn’t seem to have been put together amazingly.

The tie is great, even though it is basically just a ribbon, he really looks professional. The collar is slightly more firm than the the rest of the shirt, it might have been starched a little… I’m not sure.

As you can see, when you lift up the collar, the tie is sewn on not tied around his neck. But this is no major issue, since the collar covers the area when down.

The tie is secured at the bottom with a plastic thing that can be cut off if you desire. I am keeping it on for the moment.

The back of the shirt closes with velcro. My shirt had some odd creases in the back. Maybe they would go away with ironing. Of course, I can only expect so much from an $8.00 doll.

To his pants! They are a light material. The pockets sadly aren’t real, but I guess he wouldn’t be able to put he hands in them anyway… (I wish these Kens were more flexible). I like the overall business style, since most of the other Fashionistas Kens wear jeans and a more casual look. It’s not overly fancy though…

…especially when you consider these shoes! They are a silvery gray color, and have spikes all over.

They are really squish-able too! I have never had a Ken with this flexible a shoe. They can slip off more easily than others, which could be considered a plus or a minus. Come to think of it… they may have done this to make the spike less “dangerous” since they aren’t “hard.”

The shoes say “Ken” on the bottom. Now here are some extra shots.

This guy is really cool! I am so happy to add him to my collection. Tell me if you thinking about getting one of these new Kens (or have already), and if you want me to review a broad or slim Ken. I’m thinking about getting the #69 Blue Beauty Barbie next. Bye for Now!



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