Behind The Scenes Of: Cinderella, A Original Photo Series!

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Hiya! Today I have for you a very fun post about what went on behind the scenes of my second photo series ever: Cinderella. Making a photo series is a lot of fun, but also hard work. I hope you enjoy!

Cast Photo! Yes, I took I quick photo of the main characters near the beginning of the making. It’s kind of funny to me, that our two sweetest dolls, Marie-grace and Raven had to wear mustaches and beards. XD It was necessary though since Logan is our only boy (but I made sure to put him in the lead male part).

The Help:

Speaking of Logan, I had originally thought about buying a tuxedo for him just as I bought a dress for Tenney, but my awesome mom sat down with me for awhile and helped me come up with an outfit for him with the things we had. I loved it even more, especially since I realized it seemed much more “period accurate” than the tux would have been. My mom came up with so many of the outfits during that time, which was such a help. <3

^ My sister also gave me a hand. She cut out a perfect crown for her doll, Logan, layering cardstock and shiny gold-looking paper. That terrible, weird circle thing you see on the ground in the picture above, was my original crown. I had made it with just the gold paper, so it was flimsy and the points weren’t even.

I had the idea of using pillow fluff for dust, and my sis wanted to assist with laying it about Cinderella’s attic.

My sister also helped Tenney pose for the featured image! Lots of love to my sister and mom. ❤

The Dolls:

One day, I pulled Tenney and Logan aside and asked them about being in my newest series. I told them the characters they would be. They looked at each other for a second.

Tenney shrugged said it sounded cool.

I asked Logan what he thought. He was a little reluctant at acting with “a bunch of girls” at first, but eventually, he agreed. “Only because,” he said, “I’m a nice guy.”

He ended up being a goofball on set and practically made my heart stop when he jumped in front of the camera during what was supposed to be a sad scene. I had to wait for Grace to stop laughing…

I’m sure you all know that Rebecca had a bit of a jealously problem with Tenney. She insisted multiple times that she would be a better Cinderella than her and once tried to prove it by pushing Tenney out of the way during the ball scene.

Logan was flabbergasted when Rebecca started dancing with him. I eventually pulled her away, saying that if I were her I’d want to be the Fairy Godmother the most. That settled her down for a little.

Tenney was shocked at Becca’s behavior. (Also, did you notice the lion drawing in any of the pictures. You can see my sis drawing it in the above left of this picture^ on our chalkboard wall. It wasn’t specifically for the story. She was just having fun, but I decided it might be cool to leave it in.)

I hope you enjoyed this quick post! If you did, I’d love if you if you’d drop a like! How did you like this series? What is your favorite rendition of the Cinderella story? Let me know in the comments below! Bye for now, everyone!




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