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Being a Doll… (A Photostory)

Hello people! The mini doll Photostory won the vote, so today I give you: Being a Doll! The Josefina face-mold comparison will be coming up next week for all those who wanted to see that. This should be silly, so don’t take anything seriously. I hope you like it!

One nice day I strolled into my room to find Rebecca hollering at me from the dollhouse. “Oh, so now you notice me!” She rolled her eyes, “I have some complaints. You haven’t touched me for days! Also, could it hurt you to give me a change of clothes?”

This was weird. None of the dolls has expressed this to me before. “Sorry Becca, but I think you are overreacting a little. I’ve been busy with other things, but I’ll give you another outfit, OK?”

Rebecca stomped away, “You still don’t understand  it. Being a doll is hard.”

I was confused at her behavior, but I decided not to worry myself over it since Becca could be dramatic.

THAT was a mistake.

The next morning…

I groaned in bed. Becca’s words wouldn’t stop haunting me.

I rolled over and my eyes widened in shock. “Hey! This isn’t my room! Where am I?!” It looked familiar. “Oh my goodness! The dollhouse! I’m in the dollhouse! How did it become so big?”

Suddenly a huge figure stomped into the room. “Jewel, will never understand,” She moaned. It was Rebecca.

“Wait… I’m Jewel!” I yelled. Rebecca didn’t hear me.

Suddenly she saw me. “Oh, a Samantha doll!” She said leaning down to pick me up.

“Wait… doll,” I said, “Oh no! I’m not a doll! I’m not Samantha either! What is going on?!”  My voice was so small Rebecca did not seem to hear me.

“I wonder who left you for me…” Rebecca said holding me up, “Oh well, let’s go have some fun.”

“Wait… what? This is no time for fun! Becca put me down right now!”

In an instant I was shot down to her side. She held me by my waist. “AAHHH!” I yelled, “Could you a least hold me upright?!”

But that was only the beginning…

Rebecca grabbed something then went into the living room. “Cute doll!” I saw a gigantic Melody say.

“Hey, I’m not cute!” I tried to say.

“Thanks,” Rebecca replied, “I’m going to do her hair.”

Before I knew it Rebecca was yanking a brush through my hair.

“Owwww!!! Owwwwww!!! Be a little gentler! Owwwww!!!” I did not think this horror was ever going to end.

When she finally finished I was taking deep breaths. “Ugh… what could be worse?”

Rebecca did not notice my trials. All she could say was, “You look so beautiful!”

“Oh yeah?” I moaned, “Then I guess beauty is pain…”

Next she sat down to read with me.

Hey, this shouldn’t be too bad, I thought. She started to read, but…

… when the suspense of the book built, so did the squeeze of her arm around me.


After that chapter was finished, she left me on the side table to catch my breath, well actually to get her camera to take pictures of me, but I was breathing heavily anyway.

I saw Rebecca from afar talking to her friends. She definitely was not getting her camera. She forgot about me.

So now what was I going to do? Sure I had not had much “fun” this morning, but I did not want to be left alone either.

I could not get down. It was too far.

I looked at the only thing on the table with me. On it was written, “Enjoy the Little Things.”

“Yeah right!” I said. I got on top of it and toppled it over. “I can’t believe I wanted this in the dollhouse.”

When Rebecca came for me I was sitting on top of it. “Hey, who moved you?” she wondered, “Come on, I forgot about your photoshoot.”

She grabbed me and we headed outside.

She moved my arms and legs randomly and I tried to keep my “pose” as long as I could.

“Why does my skin feel like it is melting?” I asked myself, “Oh wait, that’s because it is! I’m vinyl!!!”

Keeping my position faithfully did not help Rebecca speed up the process of the shoot.

When Rebecca brought me inside, she leaned me against the mirror in her room while she went to go eat lunch. I was just happy to let my skin harden. In the mirror I looked at my dress. “I wish I had something not so heavy to wear.” I could see what Rebecca had meant about the change of clothes.

Later Rebecca put me on the bed and left me with another doll. “Hey, who are you?” She asked.

“Jewel… Oh uh… I mean Samantha.”

She chuckled, “Ah yes, the name change. Don’t worry you’ll get used to it.”

We sat there for awhile. I put my feet up on the wall. “I’m bored.”

The other girl sighed, “You’ll get used to that too. You’ll get used to everything after awhile. Well, that is at least what I tell myself.”

Later that day it was almost nighttime, and Rebecca placed me on the bed. I decided it was now or never.

“Rebecca! Hey Rebecca! I’m your human! You were right!”

She still did not hear me.

“It is hard being a doll.”

All became black. I was startled awake.


I hurried and found Rebecca. “Oh Hello…” She sighed.

“Rebecca! You are not going to believe the dream I had!” I proceeded to tell her the whole thing.

When I was finished she laughed.

“You know,” I finished, “I never realized how much dolls have to go through because of us humans.”

Rebecca nodded, “I’m so glad you understand! So… let’s talk about some changes that need to be made.”

Oh boy, I thought.

The End!

The Moral: Treat dolls the way you want to be treated. XD I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself.

Ok, ok that was very silly, but it was fun to make! I hope you enjoyed it. If you did be sure to slam dunk a like on that like button. ⭐  Have your dolls gone through any of these things? I know mine have! See you in the comments! Bye for now, everyone!



Tenney will be retiring, AG took down the notice on their site so that they could reveal the info to their rewards members “first.” XD We will also say goodbye to Z and last years GOTY Gabby. Be sure to get them (or something in their collections) soon if you wanted. I’m sad to see them go.


  • Katie

    LOL that story was so funny! Great job! I’m sure all of my dolls have felt like this at least once, my favorite part is when Rebecca’s brushing your hair XD oh yeah I saw that about the contemporary line! I’m surprised they’re retiring all of them!
    -Katie 🙂

    • Jewel

      Thank you, Katie! XD Thanks! I know! I really wish they would have kept them around. I wonder if they’ll make more contemporary characters.


  • Madison

    LOL! This was awesome, Jewel! I loved when your skin was “melting”. XD
    Aww, that stinks! I can see why Gabriela’s retiring, her year is up! However, I hope they bring back her back as a Truly Me again, because she is a beautiful doll! They probably won’t though. I’ll have to buy Tenney’s and Z’s items! Thanks for letting us know!

    • Jewel

      Thank you so much, Madison! That is one of my favorite parts too. XD
      IKR? LOL Yeah, I do not know why Gabby wasn’t retired sooner. Yeah, I wonder if they will. Me too! I really need to get Tenney’s Guitar. No Problem!


  • Laura Beth

    I loved the story! I need to get the last of Z’s items before she retires. It’s interesting that AG decided to retire several characters all at once. Makes me wonder what the future holds!

  • justAG

    XDDDD Awesome Jewel!

    btw, AG is having a Facebook giveaway for retiring Tenney&Logan, Z, and Gabriela.

    p.s. Do you recommend Tenney’s spotlight outfit? I’m debating on it.

    • Jewel

      Thanks so much!

      Oooh Sweet! I’ll have to tell my mom about that!

      P.S. YES! Definitely! It is SO gorgeous!

  • Xyra

    This is fabulous! Perfect! I loved it! Made me think of what my poor Tea Time gang go through. I don’t think they mind very much when wearing pajamas. That’s why I got new ones for Kirsten – her heavy flannel nightgown is just no good when summer temps are 90+. Great job!

    • Jewel

      Thanks so much, Xyra! XD Yes! Me too! Yeah, I’m sure a lot of my dolls think PJ’s are comfy to wear. XD Oh yes, Kirsten is probably thank you tons. XD


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