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By: 1pelgirl | October 20, 2017

Hey everyone! I know technically today I should be posting a part from The 30's, but I thought I'd take a break from that and ask you all what my blog button should look like! I made a few, so please comment down below and tell me your favorite!!! That will help me choose which one I will ultimately use! I have never had a button before, so this all is a new experience.

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By: 1pelgirl | October 17, 2017

I recently won a giveaway by Anna at From a Doll's Perspective. I received the package, and I am sooooooooo pleased with everything. What Anna prepared deserves a post of its own. Please go check out her blog HERE, because this is how a giveaway should be done.

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By: 1pelgirl | October 13, 2017

HELLO! Here it is! Part six of The 30's! There is a big reveal in this part, so if you haven't already, you should definitely read the other parts > HERE. Also, I'm in the process of creating a blog button! I've actually made many, and I'll have a post soon, where you can tell me which is your favorite. That will help me choose the final product, (; but for now please enjoy part six!!!

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By: 1pelgirl | October 07, 2017

Hi guys! I'm so sorry about this being late. I had a science test yesterday that took up a lot of time, but here it is, part five of the 30's!!! I was originally planning to have a big reveal in this part. My sis asked me if I was going to do it, and I said "yeah." She thought it was a bit too early for that, and I ultimately agreed. Anyway, this part should build your suspense even more!!!

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By: 1pelgirl | October 03, 2017

Hello Everyone! Since I got in Part Four of the 30's so late I'm gong to give everyone the time to get to read it before I post the next part. Plus I need time to make sure everything is perfectly done for part 5. So the next posting won't be until Friday. In the meantime, here is one of my favorite photos from the series in black and white and color! It was featured in Part Three.

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