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By: 1pelgirl | August 14, 2017

Hello People! This post includes some more photos from the photoshoot that is now included on the Dolls'N'All website!!! There were a lot of photos, so I'm including some here, also because I really liked this photoshoot.

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By: 1pelgirl | August 13, 2017

Hello everyone, just letting you know that Raven will be featured most likely on Dolls'N'All this week! YUP, I get to do a guest post there! YAY! So keep an eye out for that!

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By: 1pelgirl | August 10, 2017

Hey Humanity! (Yes I was being silly with the title.) Is anyone else in love with the craft store Michaels?! If you are, definitely leave a,"Hip hip hooray!" in the comments! Anyway... I bought some AG sized things there the other day and thought I would show them to you! I recommend shopping at Michaels in person if you can, to really get the feel of the size of things. Also, shopping on there site is kinda overwhelming (WAY TOO MANY PAGE CHOICES!). LOL! Alrighty... let's do this!

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By: 1pelgirl | August 07, 2017

Hi! Hope you all are having a great day! You all might know I'm a sucker for black and white, but then again, you can't use it all the time, and color looks better in a lot of photos. So today I have some pictures of Raven from black and white, to color. Then at the end of this post, you can tell me your favorite photo and if you prefer the black and white ones as a whole or the color ones as a whole. The below one doesn't count. Have fun (:

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By: 1pelgirl | August 03, 2017

HELLO! Today I have some pictures for you. They are of my doll Carrie, who is a Made To Move Barbie. I love the Made To Move Barbies because there are so many ways to pose them, perfect for photoshoots! OH! And yes, I DID take these photos while it was raining. Don't worry though, it was so light you could barely hear it inside a building.

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