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By: 1pelgirl | February 19, 2017

Take a look...

By: 1pelgirl | January 31, 2017

AG is releasing new dolls in February!!!!!!!!!!! The FIRST two below, are going to start a new contemporary line of dolls! Take a look...

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By: 1pelgirl | December 30, 2016

She's here! The new girl of the year.

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By: 1pelgirl | December 19, 2016

Here is a Christmas photoshoot of the dolls by their tree...

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By: 1pelgirl | September 18, 2016

Hello everybody, and welcome to the first " Grace's Kitchen Tips!" Here's Grace...

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By: 1pelgirl | September 17, 2016

Kit went outside to have some picnic fun...

By: 1pelgirl | July 03, 2016

Here is how to make some Fourth of July "Fireworks" for your dolls to "set off" in the backyard. I actually think they might be called "flowers" but I'm not sure.

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By: 1pelgirl | June 19, 2016

Hello, today I wanted to do a height comparison of new Barbie Fashionistas for 2016. I will be testing, #31, 33, and 23.

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By: 1pelgirl | June 19, 2016

Hi, this is a quick post to let you know my sister got Maryellen!!! Here she is having turkey with Grace.

By: 1pelgirl | September 14, 2015

I love my American Girl dolls, but my dolls are not the only ones in the house. My younger sister has three dolls, Julie, Lanie, and Marie Grace. My sister wanted an  AG doll when I got Mckenna, and when she got one, we both were hooked.

By: 1pelgirl | September 14, 2015

Caroline is such a pretty doll. My Caroline is not a Beforever doll, But she is still really beautiful. Here is a quick photoshoot with her outside.  

By: 1pelgirl | September 10, 2015

This is a super cute hairstyle for your little 18" Cowgirl. I love the style on Saige. This hairstyle is for long haired dolls and I love the way Saige's wavy hair looks.