Carrie’s Rain Photoshoot

HELLO! Today I have some pictures for you. They are of my doll Carrie, who is a Made To Move Barbie. I love the Made To Move Barbies because there are so many ways to pose them, perfect for photoshoots! OH! And yes, I DID take these photos while it was raining. Don’t worry though, it was so light you could barely hear it inside a building.

Tire swing!

I love Carrie, she is so cute. I am glad I got to get these photos of her. One problem with staying out in mild rain though, is the mosquitos! *shakes head sadly* LOL! I also want to thank you all so much for the support in the Cutest and Loveliest competition!!!! Because of you I won! Thank You! I am so blessed!!! I will take down the temporary page now. Well that’s all for now, BYE ALL!




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