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    Why You Should Invest in a Barbie Made to Move Doll

    Hello awesome readers! Today’s post is not sponsored, just my general opinion. Today’s topic is Barbie Made to Move dolls. I hope you enjoy the photos of all of our Made to Move Barbies. This is Barbie. My friend had zero barbies but when she came over to my house and started experimenting with ours, she ended up asking for a Made to Move doll for her Birthday.     This is Jonica. These dolls can move nearly identically to human beings (besides fingers and toes), maybe even more so in some areas. They have movement at the head, upper arm, elbow, wrist, bust, leg, thigh, knee, and ankle. This is…

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    The AG Josefina Face-mold Comparison

    Bring out the trumpets because it’s finally here… The AG Josefina Face-mold Comparison! Today we will be doing exactly as the title says: comparing the face-molds of all my dolls that have the named Josefina face-mold from American Girl! I also decided (with my sister’s permission) to use Julie as well, my sister’s only doll with the Josefina face-mold. Ok, let me start off by saying that I love the Josefina face-mold so much because I think it looks like one of the most realistic ones AG has. The chin is just pointy enough, and it doesn’t look overly chubby. XD Now for some comparison: Out of all these 5 dolls, Grace and…

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    Review of the Good Vibes Skate Outfit! + Some Other Randomness

    Hey you all! I’m here today with a review of The Good Vibes Skate Outfit I bought at the American Girl Store! I fell in love with it when I got to see it in person, and today I have Luci here to model it for you. This is all my own opinions. 🙂 When I was younger I was able to look at almost anything in the AG store and say, “I REALLY want that.” Now, partly from experience, I try to make decisions by asking myself if I would REALLY use an item. If not, it is not a priority. For instance, the new 3-in-1 Game Night Table is…

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    Star Wars Forces of Destiny, Dolls Review!

    Greetings Padawans! Today I have a very cool review of the semi-recent Star Wars Forces Of Destiny Dolls. These dolls/action figures are based on a short animated series which is in itself based on the Star Wars Movies and TV shows. Disclaimer: This all completely my opinion and is not sponsored. You can find the animated Star Wars Forces of Destiny on youtube or at http://partners.disney.com/star-wars-forces-of-destiny. Anyway, onto the review! When I first saw these action figures, I thought they were cool, but I had no idea how much I’d love them. (I’m also a huge Star Wars fan, so…) It is a line geared mainly towards girls. I bought Princess Leia…

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    My B-Day Haul Video!!!

    Hi everyone! Here’s my first ever video on this blog! Yes, I got Luciana (as well as some other things)! I am in no way trying to brag, and I hope you all will find this video interesting and/or helpful! I hope you all enjoyed it! I can’t wait to start taking some pictures of Luciana! Be sure to like this post if you enjoyed the video! P.S. I forgot to put this in the video, but the music was by Kevin Macleod, whose music you can download for free at http://incompetech.com/! ~Jewel💎

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    Hi everyone! I know this post is late, and that is because my hosters were giving me trouble with my site. First, it said my account was suspended (you might have seen), then my most recent content was missing. Finally, they fixed it, and I’m so thankful! SOOOOOOOOO… Now I’m going to tell you a little story: Once there were two girls that wanted to earn a little money. Their dad offered a job of raking leaves. They worked for MANY hours together… and finally had enough money so that each of them buy an American Girl Doll… so… that’s what they did. THAT WAS THE WORST STORY EVER! Ok, so…

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    Barbie Fashionistas Ken #10 Classic Cool Review

    Hey Guys! The Fashionistas have been all the rage lately in the barbie world. I recently got the #10 Ken doll that just came out. He is an original, (they now have Broad and Slim Kens too) but I liked him so I got him. (If I do get a broad or slim I will review them as well.) Now I will review him for you, because he is super cool. (I guess that’s why he’s called “Classic Cool.”) Let’s start at the top (literally). He has dark skin, thick eyebrows, and his above hair line is even. WARNING: I chose him carefully, a lot of the same #10’s had…

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    Oh… Michaels!!! *Faints*

    Hey Humanity! (Yes I was being silly with the title.) Is anyone else in love with the craft store Michaels?! If you are, definitely leave a,”Hip hip hooray!” in the comments! Anyway… I bought some AG sized things there the other day and thought I would show them to you! I recommend shopping at Michaels in person if you can, to really get the feel of the size of things. Also, shopping on there site is kinda overwhelming (WAY TOO MANY PAGE CHOICES!). LOL! Alrighty… let’s do this! First up: these cute little clothespins ^. I had been wanting some mini clothespins for Mckenna’s back card holder board… thing (whatever…

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    Our New AG Dolls Review

    Who doesn’t love a review? Am I right? Uh… yeah, that’s Melody. But, we will get to that later. First, let’s start with a review of Truly Me #55 (Raven). Well here is Raven! She is a really pretty doll, with beautiful hair! Then comes the disappointment… My doll’s vinyl near the eyes actually gives a little. It is squishy-ish (that is sooooo not a word, LOL). I am kinda upset at AG, and will probably not buy another Truly Me doll. Well, the rumors are true. A lot of them were about Tenney, but they pretty much apply to the Truly Me dolls as well. The dress is a…

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    American Girl Popup Camper Review

    I got the AG Camper for Christmas, and I am FINALLY doing a review on it!!! It retails for $185 on AG’s website. Section 1: Accessories Let’s start with the accessories! (: The Magazines actually open and have content. The AG magazine has more pages than the camping magazine. The flashlight has a handle so the dolls can hold it, but is sadly does not work. The Spatula is all metal (which is great). The pan is all plastic (It would have been nice to see this done in metal as well). They are a good size. AG was smart to put in sporks, because they can be used as…