A Strange Welcome, Part One

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Hi Everyone! Today I have a fun photo story for Christmas. It is actually going to be a two-parter since there were so many pics. Tenney and Chen are introduced to everyone in the family, how will they like their new home? Hope you like it! Raven pulled our hands. “I can’t wait for you […]

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Little Country Star (A Photoshoot)

My newest doll Tenney Grant is a little country star. I couldn’t stay away from taking a photoshoot of her, even in super cold weather. She just got her ears pierced and nails painted! (I got the new doll nail polish at the Dallas AG store!) AND THAT FACE! I can’t stop taking pictures of […]

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Welcome to the New Doll Notebook!

Hi everybody!!! It’s here! The new Doll Notebook is here!!! I am so happy to finally be using WordPress! Here are a few updates: My four most recent posts you might realize have no comments. That’s because I had to copy and paste them over here. ): Such a bummer, but if you really want… you […]

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The 30’s, Part Ten!!!!!!!!!!!! The Finale!

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It is the FINALE?! WHAT?! Man, that went by pretty fast! It makes me soooooooo happy to see that you have liked this series so far! I am definitely planning on doing more in the future! I am going to do a Q&A with the cast for this one, so that should be fun! Alright, […]

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Saige in a Fall Sweater Dress A Photoshoot

Hello Everyone! A while back I received a package from Anna, and in it was this pretty sweater dress! I thought Saige would be the perfect one to model it in a fall (her favorite season) photoshoot! The picture below is now Saige’s profile! I have changed most of the profiles for my dolls recently… except for Grace […]

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The 30’s, Part Nine!

This entry is part 9 of 10 in the series The 30's

 Hey everybody!!! *Waves* It part nine already? Wow! Also sorry that this was late, my weeks can get pretty busy, but I have good news! I will be getting the month of December mostly off of school! So that means I’l hopefully have lots of time to put together posts (Christmas related ones especially!!!! EEEEEEEEEEE!) […]

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The 30’s, Part Eight!

This entry is part 8 of 10 in the series The 30's

 Hi People! This part is a bit longer than the previous two have been because I had a lot a lot of characters to work with! Only TWO MORE PARTS in this series!!! Part Ten is the Finale! I’m so excited! What is Kit going to do? You’ll find out in this part! Here is […]

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