Collab With Kaylyn!

Hey everyone! After seeing my Q&A with my brother, Kaylyn asked me if I would like to do I collab and quiz each other with American Girl related questions! Be sure to check out Kaylyn’s World later today to see my answers to her questions!  For now, here are her answers to my questions. I […]

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Awards and a Tag!

HEEELLLLOOOO!!! I felt like posting today. Have any of heard that Molly is re-releasing? Well, she is and today they released her mini doll and books! They have also released some other things, (like books, stuff for Maryellen, and stuff for Nanea) so if you haven’t yet you might want to go check out AG’s […]

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Valentine’s Day Tags!

Hello everyone Hope nominated me for 2 Valentine’s day tags! Thanks, Hope!!! Rules: 1. Link the 1st post 2. Thank the person who tagged you and link their post 3. Answer the 10 original questions and then answer the 4 questions the person who tagged you made. 4. Tag 9-14 people 10 Original Questions: WYR […]

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When Jewel Doesn’t Post…

Hi guys. Yeah, I got some explaining to do. I am so sorry I didn’t get a post up Tuesday (more specifically the promised Saige’s Morning Routine). I lost the thingamabob (yes, that’s the technical term) that allows me to upload pics from my SD card onto my computer. Not to worry! My Mom ordered a […]

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Cinderella Photo Series: INTRO

Hiya! So as you can see by the title and the poll above (from the Tenney and Logan Photoshoot), the Cinderella Photo Story won by 50%! Yay! I’m really excited about this! Today I’ll be giving you a short introduction to what I’m going to be doing with this since I have not yet received the […]

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The 30’s, Part Ten!!!!!!!!!!!! The Finale!

This entry is part 10 of 10 in the series The 30's

It is the FINALE?! WHAT?! Man, that went by pretty fast! It makes me soooooooo happy to see that you have liked this series so far! I am definitely planning on doing more in the future! I am going to do a Q&A with the cast for this one, so that should be fun! Alright, […]

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The 30’s, Part Nine!

This entry is part 9 of 10 in the series The 30's

 Hey everybody!!! *Waves* It part nine already? Wow! Also sorry that this was late, my weeks can get pretty busy, but I have good news! I will be getting the month of December mostly off of school! So that means I’l hopefully have lots of time to put together posts (Christmas related ones especially!!!! EEEEEEEEEEE!) […]

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The 30’s, Part Eight!

This entry is part 8 of 10 in the series The 30's

 Hi People! This part is a bit longer than the previous two have been because I had a lot a lot of characters to work with! Only TWO MORE PARTS in this series!!! Part Ten is the Finale! I’m so excited! What is Kit going to do? You’ll find out in this part! Here is […]

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