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Welcome and TADA! Yes, I decided to post a day early because I did end up changing my theme. What do you think? It’s a lot cleaner in my opinion. The big slider was just too much before. Now I have a header image! (Tell me what you think of it. I’m thinking about changing it but…) Feel free to look around!

Alright, now onto the old post Tag! The lovely Katie nominated me for this! Thank you so much!

Here are the rules:

1. Link back and talk about your first 5 posts.
2. Nominate 5 people
3. Have fun!
NOTE: MY OLD PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE FOLLOWING POSTS IS PRETTY TERRIBLE. It doesn’t help that WordPress majorly degraded the photos. SO BEWARE. XD

Number 1:

I started posting in September of 2015. I only posted 3 times that month and then lost interest. Truthfully I didn’t really know what blogging was about. 😢 The first thing I ever did was a hairstyle on Saige. It was called the “Cute Cowgirl Hairstyle“. It turned out pretty cute, but it was very simple and I lost the photos of the steps. 😬

Number 2:

The next post was a Photoshoot with Caroline… titled “A Photoshoot of Caroline.” XD It was definitely not my best, but hey, you gotta start somewhere. 🙂

Number 3:

In the final post of that month, I introduced my sister’s 3 dolls (at the time). It was called,”The Dolls’ Friends.”

Number 4:

I didn’t post until the next year in mid-June! Yikes… That was an unusually long unannounced hiatus. I was a little more excited then and released 2 posts in one day. I compared the heights of Barbie Fashionistas. I titled it, “New Barbie Fashionistas, Height Comparison.”

Number 5:

This was literally the shortest post ever, but I was just announcing that my sister had bought Maryellen. It was called, “Maryellen!!!


It took me awhile to get into the mode of regular blogging, but once I made a schedule, it helped. Now it is so much fun! 😊

I nominate:

AG’s in Alaska





Thanks for reading! If you like the new design be sure to like this post! Bye for now, everyone!



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