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Yo, my peeps! Today starts the first part of Cinderella! I still have no idea how many total parts this is going to be, but it’s going to be longer than 3… Anyway if you didn’t get to read it, you can learn a little about this series HERE.

A note before you start: This story was inspired by the Disney versions of Cinderella so some events are going to be similar to those that they were taken from. Certain things are going to be completely different because that’s what I was able to do, or because that’s what I wanted to do, etc. I have also not purposely taken the script or lines from anyone.

Ok, this story will also be switching POV (point of view) of Cinderella and the prince. I’ll notify you every time like this:

Cinderella’s POV:


Prince’s POV:

YAY! Alright, let’s get into this already! I hope you like it!


Cinderella’s POV:

I am Cinderella. When I was very young my mother died. For most of my life, I lived with my father in our large house, until… well, you shall see in a moment…

I played with the animals and had a tutor who taught me. Eventually, I made it to become a young lady that my father was very proud of. We lived very happily, or at least so I thought at first. Then one morning, my father revealed to me that there was still a gap in his life that needed to be filled, and that is where my story shall begin:

My father knocked on the door and came into my bedroom. It was delicately adorned and quaint to be sure, but that was the way I liked things. He slowly sat down on my bed beside me.

He didn’t look at me as he spoke.  “My dear,” he began, “I think… it is time… that… you should have… Well, I should… be married again…” He trailed off and was silent.

Then he looked at me for confirmation. My heart ached knowing no one could replace mother but I smiled, slightly and understandingly. He smiled a little too, “There is a widow… Mrs. Tremaine… with two daughters. You would have sisters… and…”

“Father,” I interrupted placing a hand on his shoulder, “Yes.”

I rose up and wrapped him in a large embrace. “What a good daughter you are,” he said.

Several days later, we were in the parlor waiting for our guests. We heard a knock at the door and my father rushed to open it. I breathed deeply. This was to be my new family.

My father welcomed all of them. I observed. The youngest sister’s name was Anastasia. She had auburn hair. She was very dramatic.

The eldest sister’s name was Drizella. She was very proper and fashionable.

Then there was my step-mother. She was the picture of sophistication.

Anastasia fell onto the sofa with a humongous sigh. “Ugh! I’m absolutely exhausted! I despise traveling!”

Drizella was disgusted, “Anastasia! Get up! You don’t know where that horrid couch has been!”

“But I’m EXHAUSTED!” Anastasia wined.

“Ugh! You are impossible, Anastasia!” Drizella huffed as she was about to walk away.

I stopped her quickly by coming forward to introduce myself. “Hello, You must be my new sisters. I am Cinderella.”

Drizella surveyed me then corrected, “STEP-sisters, and thank goodness. Where on earth did you get those rags?”

I stood in shocked silence. “Rags?” I questioned.

Anastasia sat up. “You’re clothes darling, you looked like an awful servant.”

“Yes!” Drizella gasped, “Don’t think I will be seen with you in public.” She laughed.

Drizella whispered something to Anastasia about how my father must not have been as rich as they had thought. Anastasia looked horrified.

My feelings had been hurt, but I had no intention of being rude. “I like to dress this way,” I explained, “My father can afford fancy things, but they are just not my preferred taste.”

They stood blankly staring at me for a second.

Then they erupted in laughter. “She’s absurd!” Drizella laughed.

My step-mother strolled up toward us with my father trailing behind. “What is so funny?” she asked. The laughter died down.

Then seeing me, “Who is this?”

“This…” my father put his hand on me, coming to my side, “…is my lovely daughter.”

“Oh? She’s… charming.” Her words seemed carefully chosen.

“Yes, she is. I’m very proud of her,” he grinned.

I could feel my cheeks starting to turn red. I wish he wouldn’t have talked so much about me. My step-sisters already disliked me enough.

“You should be,” my step-mother began again, “she’s very beautiful.”

It was then I could tell that beauty was probably all that mattered to her.

Drizella was taken aback, “Mother, you got to be joking! she is absolutely…”

Lady Tremaine gave her daughter a hard stare.

“Gorgeous…” Drizella finished, mumbling as she looked disgustedly at me.

Prince’s POV:

I walked quickly in one of the many halls of the castle.

My father (the king) was waiting, and I didn’t like to keep him waiting… especially at a time like this.

The guards opened the doors to his room and let me walk in. I observed my father… weak, sick, and in bed. I hated to see him like this.

I took off the crown on my head, as I joined him at the bedside. “Father, you summoned me?”

He coughed hoarsely, “Henry, you will be king soon. You must marry soon, for the sake of the kingdom. Please don’t be your stubborn self and refuse me my dying wish.”

I sighed, putting my back against the wall. “Father… there is no princess that I… I…” I swallowed my pride.

“I will Father.”


“Good.” He said, “Now let me grant a wish of yours.”

I raised an eyebrow.

“I finally… give my permission that you may marry any maiden…”

My eyes widened as he finished, “…be she princess… or commoner.”

He held out his hand.

I took it. “Thank you, Father.”

He let go and closed his eyes… Soon my father would be gone.

Cinderella’s POV:

A few days later my father was getting prepared to go on a hunting trip. Unlike my step-mother and step-sisters, I stood waiting to wish him goodbye. I never liked it when he left. He saddled up his horse.

He had many hunting dogs, among them my favorites, curious and clever Jack and…

sleepy and funny Gus.

My father advanced to me and told me in a soft voice, “Be good. I know you will. I’ll be back soon.”

“I love you.” I mustered with teary eyes.

“I love you too.” He gave me a hug.

He hopped up onto his horse.

With a distinct whistle, the dogs were in their formation.

Then he rode off with the dogs behind him, leaving me. “Goodbye…” I whispered to myself, yet little did I know that goodbye had more meaning than I thought.

The End of Part One

Yay! This was a lot of fun to write. Yes, Raven is Cinderella’s father XD, and Marie-Grace is the prince’s father. Thanks to my Mom for coming up with the prince’s outfit! I was going to buy one, but I liked this so much better than the ones I saw. Thanks to my sister too, who made his crown! If you guys enjoyed this first part be sure to like! Also, comment below what you most enjoyed about this part! Bye for now, everyone!


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