Cinderella, Part 2

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Hiya! Today we have Cinderella, Part 2! I was going to post this on Tuesday when I realized that my 100th post will be then! I decided that I’d rather do something a little more special for that… so stay tuned! Anywhoo… I hope you enjoy this part!

Cinderella’s POV:

“La LA LAAAAAA!!!!” Anastasia screeched out one evening. In fact, she did this every evening since my father left. She was supposed to be practicing her… singing. I will admit, that at those times I wish I was deaf.

Suddenly Drizella rushed over, waving a letter frantically in the air. “Oh my, Oh my! Mother you must hear this letter! We shall perish!”

“Drizella, would you hush?!” Anastasia hissed, “I am singing!”

“Oh?! Is that what you call that?! I thought it was a rooster!” Drizella flashed back, snootily. Anastasia gasped in horror.

“Girls, Girls,” my step-mother spoke calmly, petting her cat Lucifer, “please, while you are still living with me, keep to yourselves. There will be plenty of time for backstabbing insults to your beloved sister in the future. Now Drizella, read the letter aloud.”

(My step-mother was odd…)

“Thank you, Mother,” Drizella said, obviously pleased. Then she started to read…

We regret to inform you that your father took up a severe illness on his trip and has died.

Immediately I stood up. “W-what?”

Anastasia gasped and fainted onto the couch.

“Mother! What will we do?! We’ll be poor!!! I can’t! Think of my image! MOTHER!” Drizella cried frantically.

“Give me a moment to think, Child!…. We’ll have to face the awful reality: we will have to do with less.”

“Oh, mother! I wanted a new hat!”

“I know… oh my poor dear!”

“OH MOTHER!” she wept.

They went on like this, mourning over the things they couldn’t have.

I was hardly ever one to get angry, but this time I couldn’t help feeling upset. Could they not take their minds off things for a second! My father was gone!

I had to excuse myself from the room feeling a mixture of anger and sadness.

I ran into my dark room and threw myself on my bed crying for my father.

After awhile, I sat up with a tear-streaked face.

I had lost both of my parents. What would I do now? Would I go on living with my self-centered step-relatives forever?

I didn’t know. I wiped the tears from my eyes. What I did know, was that I would be the best I could possibly be. Maybe then… I could show my new sisters and mother a good example… maybe…

A Few Days Later:

I came into the parlor to see my step-mother stroking her cat as usual.

“Good morning, Madame.” (This is what she wanted me to call her.)

“AH! Cinderella, I wanted to speak to you, Child. Come, sit!”

I slowly took my place next to her on the couch.

“Of course, Madame. What is it?”

Lucifer purred.

“Well, my dear,” she began,”as you know Anastasia and Drizella are two very lovely girls, darling sisters, but they can at times… get on each other’s… nerves. I have suddenly come to the realization that their bedroom is much too small for the both of them.”

“Well…” I thought, “my room is much larger…”

“Ah!” she exclaimed, “Perfect! And their old bedroom could be used as a guest room!”

“Oh um… yes…”

“And you! Of course, you shall be in the attic.”

I was astonished. The attic was frigid and dusty. “The attic…? I…”

“Yes!” It seemed as though she thought it was the best idea ever,” Now be a good child, and run along. I have much to do.”

Truthfully, I doubted that… but I did as I was told. I was still shocked: the attic? Well, I said to myself, I better see what I’m dealing with. 

I trudged up the stairs and closed the door to the attic behind me. “Oh dear.”

I examined the attic. This was going to need some work if I were to sleep here.

I smiled, “Nothing like a little good hard work.” I quickly exited the attic.

I came back with my hair tied up, a bucket of soapy water, a sponge, and an attitude for some real cleaning. There was just one thing missing…

I grabbed an old apron. “Hmmm… perfect!”

I put it on and tied it around my waist.

I was all ready. “Time to work!”

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen this much dust in one place.”

“Oh my….”

“That’s better.”

cough, cough

“There we go.”

I collapsed on the bed with a huge sigh. I was finished… but that… I was to find out very soon… was only the beginning.

Prince’s POV:

I sat on my throne. I needed ideas. How would I find the perfect lady to marry?

All of a sudden, I stood up on my throne with a triumphant glow. I had it! If I could marry any maiden, I could see to it that I met every maiden in the kingdom!

I would invite every maiden of the land to a ball at the castle. If I couldn’t find someone there, I’d have to be insane.

Noticing my senselessness for standing on my throne, I stepped down, making sure no one had been watching. I hurried off to write the invitation to the grand ball.

“I… am brilliant.”

The End Of Part 2

Poor Cinderella. The “dust” was actually pillow fluff. I love that miniature rocker. It was found at a thrift store as well as the “throne.” If you are enjoying this so far, be sure to like and comment away! Thank you all for being so supportive. Bye for now everyone! Oooooh… and don’t forget about that special post on Tuesday!


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