Cinderella, Part 3

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Hola my friends! I’m now pretty sure this is going to be at least a six-parter series… we’ll see. A quick reminder to enter my giveaway while you can! Also, this part is all about Cinderella, so no prince POV today, but, for the sake of consistency:

Cinderella’s POV:

Then… all of a sudden… more work came. And it came, and it came, and it came: never-ending work, all day, every day. My step-mother and sisters heaped it on me without a single hesitation. As time passed they treated me as more and more of a servant. I didn’t want to cause trouble so I always did as I was told.

Drizella had claimed my easel and paints as her own, and she tried as she might to paint something decent. One day, as I scrubbed the floors in the parlor, she gasped suddenly in ecstasy at her “beautiful masterpiece.”

Having no idea what the red blob that Drizzella painted was, her mother asked, “Drizzella Dear, what is it? It’s truly…” she hesitated,” … lovely… but I just can’t seem to understand it.”

Drizzella rolled her eyes, “Oh mother, isn’t it obvious? It is a horrid dress! And these gorgeous blue streaks here are water splashes. The horrid dress is getting drenched by awful mucky water. You see now?”

“Ah!” My step-mother exclaimed, “Yes… I see it. What a… showpiece, Dear!”

A smug grin spread across Drizzella’s face, “I was inspired by how Cinderella looks right now: sloshing filth water all over those rags she calls a dress.”

Anastasia burst out in immature giggles. My step-mother smiled slightly, “What shall you call it?”

“Hmm…” Drizzella pretended to think, “… Ghastly Tatters.”

I tried to never let their hurtful words take a deep stab at my feelings, but sometimes I would allow myself to shed a tear or two when no one was watching. I wondered when it would ever end, or sometimes even if it would at all.

Another day I was helping the girls (well, they weren’t doing much) clean out my old room so they could take it over. Anastasia dropped a pile of my books onto one of the beds with a heaving sigh. “Cinderella, come here!”


“What are these?” she inquired.

“They… are… books?”

“I know what they are. I am not stupid.” Anastasia spewed. (At the moment I felt like voicing my disagreement to that.) “I meant, ” she continued, “Why do you have them?”

“I… like to… read?” What could she have meant?

“You are dreadfully strange, Cinderella. What respectable lady reads nowadays? Oh, wait… you’re not a resp-”

I quickly interrupted, “I’m sorry they are cluttering your room, I suppose I’ll just take them with me.” I started swiftly gathering up my precious books.

I was stopped cold when Anastasia put her hand on my arm. “Oh no! That won’t do! You have much too much work to do!”

She let go of my arm and turned to her sister, “We’ll just have to burn them, won’t we Drizzella.”

“Oh yes,” Drizzella nodded happily, “You have no time for trifling things like that, Cinderella, but don’t worry a cent about it. We’ll take care of the burning for you.”

My heart heaved, Oh my books! But, alas, I did nothing, and they fulfilled their promise immediately.

So, that was my life. Thankfully, one afternoon I found something of great joy to me… I was returning from feeding the chickens, singing a small song as I went. (How grateful I was that singing at least was not denied me! Usually, I didn’t do it in front of the others though… just in case they might find it bothersome and ban it.)

Then I spied… them.

I threw my hands in the air. “OH! OH! You’re… you’re… alive!”

There they were, my father’s hunting dogs. They had found there way back home with their keen senses and were living under a meager shelter in our yard.

I rushed up to Jack, “Oh Jack! You came back!”

He recognized me and yipped happily.

I gave him a pat on the head.

Then I allowed myself to sit down for a moment amongst them, petting them and telling them of my trials. Gus slept  lazily on my lap.

“Oh, you poor things!” I gasped suddenly, “staying out here in this leaky shelter when the night weather has been all rainy!”

“Hmmm…” I thought aloud, “I might possibly be crazy… but I think I have a solution for us all.”

“Shhh!” I hissed as I led the dogs into the parlor, telling them to get in line. It worked… kind of. “Now, you mustn’t be barking and howling as we go up the stairs.” I was so terrified that someone would hear us.

Finally, I got them all up to the small attic. They started jumping on things and barking at each other. “Shh! Quiet! Shh!!!” I hopped up on my bed and tried to quiet them down.

I was right, I said to myself, this is crazy.

Then I remember what my father did to get them to obey. I whistled. It was quick and sharp.

Like a miracle, all the dogs immediately sat down on the ground with eyes at full attention (accept Gus, who seemed to always be sleeping).

I let out a sigh of relief. “Well, that was easy.”

I got down off my bed, and said to them, “I guess this is your new home.”

Then I heard the “servant bell” ringing downstairs.

Promptly I moved towards the door. Turning to my dogs I apologized saying, “I’m so sorry, but I’m needed. Be good dogs. I’ll try to make it up here as soon as I can.”

“Cinderella,” my step-mother said when I came to her downstairs, “I have some work for you.”

“Of course, Madame.” I felt like shrugging and saying, “Well, that’s nothing new.”

Often times, I would go up to my attic late at night and collapse on my bed. I soon learned the times when my step-relatives went out and used those times to give the dogs some fresh air. It was crowded in the attic. The dogs would sniff me, surround me, and sleep on me, but I didn’t mind. It was just good to have some friends…

The End Of Part Three

Heehee… I’m starting to really like this dogs instead of mice thing. 😀 If you do too, be sure to like this post and comment what you liked about part three! (Man, I have to say… I’m writing those step-sisters as mean. Too mean? IDK.) Becca has been begging me to get her “screen time” already. So, you will probably be seeing the fairy godmother soon… or else I might suffer. Bye for now, everyone!



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