Cinderella, Part 4

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Prince’s POV:

I thought about how to word my letter.

I leaned back in my chair. It was a large job writing a letter to all the kingdom. It had to be perfect.

I knew that every maiden of the land would be invited. I wouldn’t exclude anyone…

“Here,” I said to a guard when I was finished, “have copies made of this, one for every household. When you’re done bring them to me so that I can stamp every one with the royal seal.”

“Yes, of course, Sire.”

Now all I could do was wait.

Cinderella’s POV:

One morning I was giving the girls their breakfast in the parlor.  I wouldn’t eat until later… if they left any for me on their plates.

They were looking at their mother’s hat.

“Oh, Drizzella isn’t it beautiful?”

“Yes, Anastasia, but we are forbidden to even touch it.”

“I don’t have a hat…”

“Neither do I.” Drizzella contemplated.

When I had put the last muffin on Anastasia’s plate, I went for a moment into the kitchen to drop off the tray. I’d be washing all the dishes later.

Coming back into the parlor, I gasped.

Anastasia was trying on her mother’s hat and Drizzella was helping her…

“No, Drizzella! That’s not the way it goes!!!”

“Ugh, just hurry up! I want to try it on!”

Suddenly Lady Tremaine entered the room to behold her beloved daughters playing around with her prized hat. “GIRLS!”

They jumped in surprise and Anastasia quickly knocked the hat off her head.

“It was her idea!” they said in unison, pointing at each other. “SIT. DOWN. AND EAT.” Their mother demanded.

In a flash, the girls were scrambling back to their seats. My step-mother grabbed her hat and put it back on the chair it had been.

Unfortunately, Drizzella and Anastasia were a little too fast, as they toppled over each other onto the sofa.

Driiiiizzeeeellllaaa geeett offfff of meeeee!!!!”  Anastasia whined.

“Well, it was your fault!!! You tripped me!”

“Oh GIRLS…” Lady Tremaine sighed, “just get up, and act civilized for ONCE in your lives.”

They finally were sitting upright.

“Phew,” Drizzella wiped her brow.

I couldn’t help it. I let out a little giggle.

My step-mother shot me a glance. She hadn’t noticed me before. She started to open her mouth when…

…there was a knock at the door.

“Well, don’t just stand there,” she snapped, “answer it!”

I opened the door and a man gave me a letter. I shut the door and looked at it closely.

My eyes widened. The letter had the royal seal!

“Cinderella! Bring that to me!”

“Yes, Madame.”

I handed her the letter.


Drizzella choked on her muffin, “Di-did you say palace?!”

Anastasia squealed.

“Yes… Yes…”, their mother spewed impatiently as she ripped open the envelope.

Swiftly she scanned the letter, then read it out loud. “Every maiden of the land is invited by the prince to join him at the royal ball, in order for him to choose a bride.”

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” My step-sisters screamed.

“You mean I have a chance to marry the prince?!?!” Drizzella gasped.

“You both have a very good chance, Dear, if I say so myself…” her mother mused.

Anastasia stood up, “Princess Anastasia… Ah! I might faint.” 

“No need for that…” Drizzella laughed pushing her aside.

“…because I’ll be the one marrying the prince.”

Anastasia was indignant, “Ah! Some chance you have! Have you looked at your face lately? Because it is dreadful!

Why you…

“Girls, Girls,” Lady Tremaine inserted, “May the best daughter win…”

While Lady Tremaine tried to calm down her real daughters, I stood in the corner.

This was my chance to go out and do something fun for a change… I wasn’t too interested in meeting the prince…, but at least it was more exciting than staying home and working all day. The letter had said every maiden. I was pretty sure that included me.

I took a deep breath and strode up to my step-mother and tapped her on the shoulder.

She whirled around, “What?”

“Well, um… Madame, I was wondering if I may go to the ball… truthfully I am invited. It did say every maiden of the land.”

Lady Tremaine looked horrified for a second, then the expression slowly faded into something mysteriously scheming. “Yes… I suppose it did.”

“WHAT?!” Anastasia and Drizzella exploded, “CINDERELLA?!”

“Yes,” My step-mother laughed slyly, “but only if she can finish a few chores…”

Turns out a few chores meant: 86 (more chores than I had ever been assigned in one day.)

“Yes… Madame…” I sighed.


Later that night, I trudged up to the attic after completing all my tasks. “Well,” I sighed to my dogs, “I’m finished, yet I suppose I’ll not be going to the ball. I don’t have anything suitable wear, and I don’t have time to make a dress.”

There was some silence, except for some dog whimpers. I started thinking about mother and father. Oh, how I wished they were still with me. Suddenly, it came to me. “My mother’s dress!” I almost shouted, “Indeed, it needs a few repairs… but I think I can do it… if I have some help…”

The dogs barked joyfully.

“Shhh!” I laughed heartily, “I guess that’s a yes.”

All the dogs helped (Except Gus, who was busy sleeping). They brought me bits of material and needles. Finally, I had fixed up my mother’s dress. “What do you think?” I held it up for the dogs to see. They yapped happily. “Thanks to you,” I grinned, “I will go to the ball.”

The End Of Part Four

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