Cinderella, Part 5

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Ahoy! I’m really excited for this part of Cinderella. I always prefer taking pictures outside, and that’s the only type of pictures in this post! Also, a quick note: My mom ordered Luciana for me as well as a few other AG items…I literally only asked for 18in doll items for my Birthday. My sister received a bearded dragon baby lizard for her B-day as well as all its supplies (Its name is Rugburn Ash XD and it is so cute). She received it early, so I’m allowed to open my stuff early when it arrives if I want to. I might just do that… I hope you enjoy part 5!

Cinderella’s POV:

I was making it just in time. My step-relatives were just about to leave when I came running behind them…

“WAIT! Wait! I’m coming!” I yelled.

They all whirled around, to see me wearing my mother’s beautiful dress. I wore earrings and even my hair was done up neatly which it hadn’t been for a long while.

Anastasia threw her arms in the air, “What are you doing here?!?! You’re supposed to be working!”

“I’m finished,” I explained.

Mother,” Drizzella hissed,”I thought you said she wouldn’t be able to finish.”

My step-mother was silent for a few moments as she stared at me coldly. Then she spoke softly but menacing, “You can’t go to the ball dressed like that, Child… why your dress is absolutely horrendous…”

I was confused, “I’m not sure what you mean. I suppose we have our own tastes. This was my mother’s dress. I even fixed it up.”

She paused then strictly told her daughters, “Girls… show her what I mean…”

“Of course, Mother,” they said sweetly for once.

The girls came closer. I had no idea what was going on. I took a quick glance at my step-mother, “W- wh- what’s…”

Then suddenly my step-sisters came at me and my dress with fury. They pulled and ripped my dress. They threw dirt at me.

They harshly yanked out my pretty hair bun.

I started crying out to Lady Tremaine, “Step-Mother! Stop them!”

All my step-mother did was look at me in utter hate.

“STEP-MOTHER!” I cried louder.

Finally, she spoke up, “Girls, that is enough.”

They stepped back from me. My hair was ragged. My only thing from my mother, her dress, was completely ruined. Tears streaked my face. My lip quivered… “W-why?”

My step-mother only explained cruelly, “See… you couldn’t possibly go in that.”

I  looked at her in disbelief.

All I could do was run away.

I ran all the way into the garden and threw myself on a stone to weep.

Slowly, I heard my dogs come out of hiding and come to my side, whimpering to me. “When will it end?!” I wept.

Suddenly I looked up and before me stood someone.

I faltered back in astonishment, “Who are you?!”

The lady laughed, “Why, I’m your fairy Godmother, Dear!”

Fairy Godmother? What’s a fairy godmother?” I was perturbed.

She laughed heartily again, “Well, that’s easy! It’s a… It’s a… It’s a….” She started to look confused, “Hmm… you know what?! It is better to show you because, Dear, what I do… is unexplainable.”

With that, she turned around. Something appeared out of the air and into her hand. It was a wand. She raised it high.

“See that pumpkin over there?” She questioned, pointing to it in the garden with her wand.

“Yes,” I nodded.

She flicked her wand at it. Then magically, in a great whirl of lights, the pumpkin started to transform!

Before I knew it, in its place stood a lovely carriage that looked like a large pumpkin.

I was amazed, “You really are my Fairy Godmother!”

“Of course, I’m surprised you doubted me. Don’t I look like one?”

I laughed and gave her a hug.

Stepping back she instructed, “Now settle down, Dear. I’m not finished yet.”

I sat down on a rock. Unexpectedly, she turned to the dogs next. “Alright,” she contemplated, looking them over, “I need two volunteers.”

Most of the dogs backed away in fright, but brave Jack barked happily. Gus, who had been oblivious to all of it was sleeping right by Jack. My fairy Godmother took it to mean he would be the other volunteer.

“Wake your friend up, would you?” My fairy Godmother asked Jack.

With a loud, sharp yap from Jack, Gus was startled awake and on his feet in mere seconds.

“Good, now stand in front of the carriage, you two.”

Jack obeyed and Gus followed unknowingly.

When they were in position, I held my breath. My Fairy Godmother twirled her wand and in a magical moment, they were transformed.

There stood Jack and Gus now two of the most beautiful horses. Gus whinnied in fright. I’m sure he hadn’t seen that coming.

Gus might have fainted if I hadn’t run up and given him a hug.

My Fairy Godmother was in a tizzy as she ran up to the carriage. “OH! OH! We must hurry, or you’ll be late!”

“Now Dear, get in the carriage.”

I looked myself over, “Oh, well, but… aren’t you forgetting something?” I pleaded.

“Nonsense!” She giggled, “I never forget anything.”

“Well… this dress…” I hinted.

“AH!” she exclaimed, “Well, wonders never cease! You can’t go in that, Girl! Why would you? That will never do!”

I giggled.


“Stand up on that rock.” She directed.

I obeyed.

“Hmm…” she thought out loud, “what’s your favorite color?”

“Well, ” I contemplated, “I do like blue…”

“Hmm… YES! I can work with that!”

Then I saw her wave her wand, and less than a second, powerful wind was swirling around me. I closed my eyes and was sure some magic was happening…

The End Of Part 5!

Ooooh… (:< Part of me hates having Tenney’s hair all messy in these pictures. XD Oh well, it was necessary and it should be fixed next time… Isn’t Rebecca adorable?! I am so happy to have her. THOSE MEAN STEP-RELATIVES! UGH! Even I am mad at them… but Cinderella is forgiving. I cut out and painted the pumpkin cutout for the carriage myself. What do you think? Tell me in the comments and be sure to like this post if you enjoyed it! 😉 Bye for now, everyone!



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