Cinderella, Part 6

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Howdy-do friends! I am finally posting part 6 of Cinderella. This series is starting to become quite a bit longer than I had originally envisioned. It has been really fun to make thus far. I hope you all enjoy this part:

Prince’s POV:

Maybe I wasn’t being as brilliant as I thought, I groaned internally.

It was the night of the ball, and I was busy greeting my guests. Unfortunately, two young ladies in particular (not to mention their mother) were driving me out of my right mind.

“Oh, SIRE!!!” The one with the auburn hair gasped, “You are SO WONDERFUL to invite us to your grand ball!”

“Yes well…”

“I am quite sure you’ll find a suitable SOMEONE who is very special and not to mention beautiful, to be your future bride tonight,She giggled at her supposedly “subtle” reference to herself.

I sighed and put my head in my hand.

“YES!” her sister intervened, “I assure you, your Great Majesty, you will find no one more gorgeous and refined in all the land than ME: Drizzella Tramaine!” She exclaimed in ecstasy.

Her sister was angry, “I did not mean you!” She hissed, “I was referencing myself.”


“Girls,” their mother said, finally pulling them away, “I’m sure the Prince, has gotten to know just enough of both you.”

“Indeed,” I sighed in relief, “It has all been very… interesting.” I managed to smile.

They left me, and I surveyed the entire room. I felt depressed, no one I had met thus far had been the perfect one for me (especially those two sisters).

Then it happened. Suddenly, the great curtained entrance opened and the most wonderfully beautiful girl I had ever laid eyes upon, stepped into the ballroom.

I stepped down from my throne. Nevermind, I mused, this was brilliant of me. 


Cinderella’s POV:

I parted the curtains and stepped quietly into the ballroom. I was all decked out in the lovely dress my fairy-godmother had made for me out of thin air. Even my old buckled shoes had been replaced with surprisingly comfortable glass slippers.

I looked around the ballroom. This would be a night to remember. Of course, I couldn’t stay too long. My fairy godmother had warned me that all her magic would return to how it was at the stroke of midnight.

As I looked around I suddenly caught my step-mother’s eye. For a second, I felt as if my heart stopped as she surveyed me curiously.

Surprisingly, she turned indifferently and walked on, with my step-sisters trailing her. I smiled. My fairy-godmother had cast a spell on me so that I would not be recognized by them.

Prince’s POV:

I walked briskly toward her.

Everyone was staring at her and she did not even notice. She didn’t even notice me.

Deep breaths, deep breaths, I told myself as I approached her. (Who says a prince can’t be nervous?)

Cinderella’s POV:

I had wanted so badly to go to the ball, yet now I had no idea what to do.

“Ahem… Excuse me?” I heard someone behind me.

“Oh!” I immediately recognized this finely dressed gentleman as prince Henry. “I’m so sorry, your Majesty. Am I in your way?”

“Not at all.” He smiled. He took a deep breath.

“May I have this dance?” He asked.

I was surprised, “I… I… Yes.”

Before I new what I had said he grabbed my hand and pulled me into the dance.

We twirled and swayed across the floor. I could hardly believe what I was doing.

My dress floated with the movement of the music.

It seemed like everyone stood around to watch us.

I suppose the Prince saw me blushing when he asked gently, “What’s the matter?”

“I’m not used to people paying attention to me…”

“Really?” He inquired, “Well, they should.”

That just made me blush harder.

My step-mother and step-sisters were watching too.

All of them didn’t recognize me. I heard my step-mother ask, “Who is she.”

The prince started to say something, “What is your…”

Abruptly he was interrupted by a loud clanging sound. I gasped, “The clock! It’s midnight!”

I backed away from Prince Henry. “I am so sorry! I have to go! Goodbye! Everything will return to normal… I… it’s all… MAGIC!”

“Wait!” he called as I hurried away, “what is your name?!” I didn’t have time to answer.

Prince’s POV:

“WAIT!’ I called, “Where are you going!” This was the most curious girl I had ever met. In moments she was gone. I was quite perturbed. Then I noticed something on the ground.

It was her shoe!

I picked it up.

“Why… this slipper is made of glass! Who on earth…” I contemplated, “Magic, eh?”

The End of Part Six!

Ooooh. I hope you enjoyed this part! If you did, be sure to like this post! Do you have a favorite character in the series so far? Did you catch my sister’s Disney Animator Anna in some of the photos? I love to hear what you’ve got to say in the comments below.

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Tuesday, I will probably have a review up of a type of doll I just got, never seen on this blog. They are now some of my favorite dolls… Bye for now, everyone!



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