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Howdy, do! I have some fun things in store for you guys! First of all, it’s the Cinderella finale! I hope you enjoyed it so far! Also, I have a surprise POV in this part, that I hadn’t originally planned on… you’ll find out when you read. 😉 I am hoping to get an easter post up on Sunday… we’ll see. In addition, Luciana is going to be Doll of the Month for April at Dolls’N’All! (Man, March went by way too fast.) Raven had a lot of fun with that last year, and I’m sure Luci will too. If you read Luci’s posts there this coming month, I’m sure you’ll get to know a lot more about her. (:

Alright, here is the finale of Cinderella:

Cinderella’s POV:

Yes, everything had turned back to normal. Well, actually, no. When I had left the ball in such a hurry I had lost one of my slippers. Yet, I hurried along. When I finally had reached my home all that was left was my other shoe… It had not gone! My Fairy-godmother must have let me keep that one little shoe as a memory of that wonderful night. I happily hid it away in my attic and took it out whenever I wanted to remember. In my head, I thought I was the only person in the world who knew about the magic that went on that night. But, as it turned out… I was not.

One morning, I had taken the dogs out for a particular risky walk (all my step-relatives were in the house, though they were sleeping. Or so I thought…), I counted them, as usual, to make sure everyone was accounted for. “1, 2, 3, 4, 5…”

“Wait… where’s Jack and Gus?!” I gasped, “Oh no! I better go get them!”

I stepped over the dogs and went to the door. I tried to open it. It would not budge. I tried again and again, but it wouldn’t open. I turned to the dogs in confusion, “It’s… locked…”

Jack’s POV:

There she was: that evil lady. She locked my poor mistress, Cinderella, in her room! How were we supposed to get to her now? Gus and I hid behind a potted plant, knowing Cinderella would not want us to be seen by that witch. I felt like barking at her.

I glanced at the swinging key. Suddenly, Cinderella was heard beyond the door calling for help.

The evil lady laughed. “I’m so sorry my dear,” she called back, “but we can’t have you getting in the way of the Prince today! Now can we?”

“What? The Prince!” Cinderella cried, “Oh Step-mother! Please! Let me out! Step-mother!”

That scheming snake walked away proudly without saying another word.

As soon as she was gone, Gus and I rushed to the door. We scraped and whimpered.

She heard us! “Jack? Gus? Is that you? Oh, wonderful! You’re Ok! Now, would you please be dears, and go get the key to unlock this door? I know you can do it! Just be careful!”

We barked in conformation. Of course, we could!


“Ok, Gus, just follow my lead.”

“Right behind you, Jack…” Gus yawned sleepily.

We crept slowly into the parlor. I was nervous. The evil lady and her ugly hearted daughters were right in front of us. “I have a suspicion,” the evil lady was saying, “that Cinderella was that unusual girl at the ball… she’s been dancing and humming the music.”

The girls gasped.

“Hey,” Gus spoke up, “there it is.”

He was right. The key was hanging from the table.

“Alright, Gus,” I instructed, “we have to be quick and silent, Ok?”


The ladies were too busy chatting as we moved toward the key.

Carefully, I reached up with my mouth and grabbed the key.

“I’m tired,” Gus moaned.

“Almost there….”

The key slipped onto my nose. “Gus! I got it! Let’s go!” I whispered, “Gus?”

I turned around, and there was Gus, sleeping on the carpet.

“This is no time for a nap!” I hissed, pushing on him.

“Just resting my eyes…” He said.

“Oh! Get up! Or we’ll both be caught!”


I hurried out of the room and Gus followed me.

A chill ran up my spine when I heard the evil lady say, “Wait, what’s that?”

“Gus!” I almost yelled, “Your tail!”

He quickly moved his tail out of the doorway.

I was relieved when she said, “Oh. I thought I saw something. My eyes are playing tricks on me.”

Prince’s POV:

Oh great… them, I sighed internally when I was greeted at the door by the two most bothersome girls who had made an appearance at my ball.

I cleared my throat, “Good day. I come to try this glass slipper on every maiden of the land. Whoever it fits, is the girl I met that grand night and will be my bride.”

“Oh yes, yes, we know,” Drizzella hushed me.

(How could I forget her?)

“OH! OH! Try it on me first: the beautiful Anastasia!” The other yelled.

She proceeded to slip onto the couch and take off her shoes.

“NO! I should go first! I’m eldest!!!” Drizzella snaped.

“Madame, are these all the maidens of your household?” I questioned silently to the mother.

“Oh yes, your Majesty!”

Wonderful, I said to myself.

She turned away from me, “Be quiet, and act like a lady of sophistication, Drizzella.”

“Oh, right.” Drizzella corrected herself, straightening up.

I tried the magic slipper on Anastasia’s foot. It wouldn’t fit over her big heel.

She shoved me away. “NO! It HAS to fit!!!” She slammed her foot against the couch.

“Well… just…” I stuttered.

I could not take it anymore and nabbed the shoe right off her. “I’m sorry,” I managed to say, “You were going to break it.”

Anastasia ran to her mother crying, “This is the most horrible thing in the entire earth! WHO SHALL I BE WITHOUT ROYALTY!”

Drizzella slid onto the couch, contentedly. “Ha! I knew her feet were too big.”

I sighed and started to put the glass shoe on Drizzella’s foot. Again, it didn’t fit.

“You’re not doing it right!” She screamed, jumping up and down with it.

I snatched the shoe away. No one screamed at me.

She stared at me in shock, “Sire!”

The Mother pushed Anastasia aside, “Your Majesty, if I may, I think I could get it on one of my lovely daughters…”

“That won’t be necessary,” I replied, “If there are no other girls in your household, I’ll be going on.”

“But I…” she protested.

“Excuse me.” I heard a voice behind me.

“I think it might fit me.”

Cinderella’s POV:

The Prince seemed shocked. “It’s you.”

I curtsied, “Yes, I am just a mere servant.”

He smiled, “That doesn’t matter to me. Sit down.”

I took off my buckle shoes and sat down. My step-sisters were crying and my stepmother was speechless.

He bent over with the glass slipper.

It slipped on. “It fits!” He exclaimed.

“I know,” I smiled, “I have another just like it.”

“It really is you!” He grinned and hugged me.

I started to cry with joy and sadness all together.

“Don’t cry, Dear,” my Prince comforted, “What is your name?”

“I… I am Cinderella.”

“I like that.” He whispered.

Jack’s POV:

“Now, that…” I said to Gus, “…is a happily ever after.”

Gus agreed with a loud throaty bark.


YAY! I hope you enjoyed, Cinderella! If you did, be sure to like this post! I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments! What was your favorite part of this series? In addition, I will probably have a little behind the scenes post coming soon… >:) Bye, for now, everyone!


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