Cinderella Photo Series: INTRO

Hiya! So as you can see by the title and the poll above (from the Tenney and Logan Photoshoot), the Cinderella Photo Story won by 50%!

Yay! I’m really excited about this! Today I’ll be giving you a short introduction to what I’m going to be doing with this since I have not yet received the doll dress I’ll be using for this photo story. Since Doll Life: Sage’s Morning Routine got the second largest amount of votes you can expect to see that Tuesday and then the first part of Cinderella on Friday (I should have the dress by then. It looks similar to the one from the live action movie.).

Let’s get into this:

What Are You Basing This On?

First off, I’d like to say that I’m not going try to directly copy or take the script from any Cinderella story, but the layout will be more similar to the Disney Versions (the animated and live action) than the original story by Brothers Grimm (that version is totally gruesome if you ask me) or something like that.

What Will It Be Like?

I am hoping to take a slightly more comedic approach. For one example, since I don’t have a bunch of toy mice Cinderella is going to have to put up with a bunch of dogs… yes, dogs… since I have a plentiful supply of those. XD I also want to have more focus on Prince Charming then there would usually be, switching from Cinderella’s POV (Point of View) to his.

Which Dolls Will Be Who?

Here is a quick list of main Characters:

  • Cinderella: Tenneyson

  • Prince Charming: Logan

  • Lady Tremaine/Step-mother: Maryellen

  • Drizella Tremaine/ Oldest Step-sister: Grace

  • Anastasia Tremaine/ Younger Step-sister: Saige

  • The Fairy Godmother: Rebecca

Well, that’s all for today! I think I am definitely going to make this a short photo series. If you got any questions or suggestions for this story, I WOULD LOVE to hear them in the comments, and if you’re excited about this definitely like! Bye for now, everyone!!!





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