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Collab With Kaylyn!

Hey everyone! After seeing my Q&A with my brother, Kaylyn asked me if I would like to do I collab and quiz each other with American Girl related questions! Be sure to check out Being Who I’m Meant To Be, later today to see my answers to her questions!  For now, here are her answers to my questions. I will talk in blue she will talk in purple:
Who was Girl of the year for 2010?
Ummm….. Is it McKenna?
Actually, it’s Lanie, but great guess! 
What kind of pet does Josefina have?
I keep wanting to say I goat. XD I am just going with a goat. XD
YES! You are completely correct!
How many Beforever dolls are currently available to buy at
I think 6 or 7.
Believe it or not, there are actually 11! (I had to check online myself XD)
What company originally owned American Girl?
Pleasant Company!
YAY! You got it!
Which of my dolls is a total Tomboy?
Hmmm, I don’t know. Maybe Raven?
Actually, It’s Kit. 😉
Without, looking, which of my dolls has brown eyes?
OK, Tenney? Yeah, Tenney! Right? XD
YES INDEEDY! Awesome job!
Great job Kaylyn! This was so much fun to do with you!!! Bye for now everyone!



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