Coming Soon! Meet the Barbies!

Hey guys! I apologize for not getting to post yesterday! I seriously have no excuse… so yeah. Anyway, I have an announcement: I was discussing it with my sis and I have decided to make a Meet the Barbies page! It is not up yet but I hope to get it up by the end of this week so keep an eye out!


I must warn you we have a lot of barbies, so I have decided to not complete the page in one chunk. Each week, I will add a Barbie/Barbies to the page until I have finished it with all our relevant barbie dolls. That means you can check DN each week to read a new profile (also I know what a pain it can be to read all the profiles in one sitting, so this should be fairly nice, just saying…). I will announce when it’s finished but until then the page will say that a new Barbie will appear every week. 🙂

Are you excited? Is there a Barbie you have seen on this blog you would like to see first? Tell me in the comments! Bye for now, everyone!



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