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CREATIVE Photography of My Favorite Figs

Hey friends! I love looking at Star Wars toy photography on Pinterest and it really made me want to create my own. I do not have a whole lot of equipment, or special effects gear like mini explosion thing-ys (wow, I’m so professional), but I try anyway. After my Rex Photoshoot, I was pleased with how I was able to photograph action figures with just my super helpful sister and some free editing software (PhotoScape X)… oh and a camera. πŸ˜‰ Recently we have been buying a few Star Wars Black Series figs, and I really wanted to have some fun photographing them. Today I’m going to share them with you, as well as how we got some of the effects you will see. πŸ™‚

Ok, I’m starting out with a couple of simple ones. My sister set up Finn and Rose in a funny way. I really enjoy the detail in the clothes as well as the minuscule accessories.

I really have to get down low to photograph these figs. With my American Girl photos, I can generally just crouch, but with some of these pics, my face was near the ground. Poe is ready to ambush.

This photo was inspired by the short scene in The Force Awakens, where Finn fights TR-8R. I added a blue glow in editing to the Stormtrooper’s weapon to make it look like the weapons were clashing.

These next photos of Rey were a lot of fun. My Mom was getting rid of a bunch of play sand and I thought it would be perfect for Jakku. The problem was there was not enough of it to really look like an expansive desert. My sister realized that our driveway was nearly the same color of the sand (I told you she was helpful), so we spread out the sand on a trash bag (so we could keep the sand) and it pretty much blended in with the pavement in the background! It made the dessert look much bigger. You might be able to see the line between sand and pavement in this pic.

We got Rey’s speeder on sale for $14 on Amazon which was quite a deal on a set that was originally $60!

I love how realistic everything looks, from the speeder to Rey’s junk pile, to the net and the figure herself.

We accidentally left the hatch open on the side of the speeder for this pic, so Rey must have forgotten that. XD My sister threw some sand down to make the speeder look like it was moving. I could barely see the sand on my camera screen and thought it was a bust, but once in edits, I found they came out much better than anticipated!

The part of her “wrap” that goes over her mouth goes on and off, for different looks, but the rest of the head wrap does not come off this figure. I don’t really care though because I have another Rey that you will see later.

We also made some mini accessories like the food “portion” Rey is holding here. Now to move on to some other pics:

My sis had this hilarious idea! I loved it so much. She had her Stormtrooper play around with Kylo’s saber and I snapped a few pics.

I really enjoy her being out there to help me because she can be really creative and we really build off each other. I added a glow to the saber in edits.

Hehe! I now have this one as my Pinterest profile. XD

This last photo had quite a few retakes. This was inspired by Kylo and Rey’s “Force Bonds” from The Last Jedi. I used a box from one of our Black Series figs that had a wall that looked like that of the First Order. The holes were hollow so I use a black trash bag (same one from earlier) behind the holes so Kylo and Rey looked like they were in two different scenes. I also blurred the line between them in editing.

Now for a photo behind the scenes:

This photo is horrible, but I am using it as an example of to show you that Kylo and Rey were indeed in the same area and that my sister had fun goofing off. XD

Did you like the photos? Which was your favorite? Tell me in the comments! Bye for now, everyone!


P.S. I know there has been a few non-AG posts recently, but for my next post I plan to do a photo story with the AG dolls. πŸ™‚


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