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Daring To Be Caring, A Photo Story

Hello Everyone, today I have another photo story for you. I hope you enjoy it! I think it is pretty good! I did have some troubles in making it. It was super hot when I took the pictures, and when making it, some of it didn’t save at first. LOL! Have fun reading!

“Today, is an exciting day for doll kind. Miss Margret Kittredge, embarks an a daring adventure into the wild woods.” Kit narrated pretending to be a reporter. She slung her camera bag over her arm. Well, at least she wanted to have an adventure. All she hoped was that Raven wouldn’t slow her down.

Raven had asked to go, with big pleading eyes that anyone would have found too hard not to give into. She meant well, all she wanted to do was go for a nice walk (wander, in Kit’s words) through the woods, observing nature.

“Ready for adventure daring colleague?” Kit asked Raven.

“Yes Ma’am!” Raven smiled getting down from her perch on the railing. She then added, “Oh, I’m so excited! I love a good healthy hike. It is such a nice day!”


“Move out!” Kit exclaimed turning and marching into the woods.


“OK!” Raven smiled. She trailed on after Kit.

In the forest, they came to a fork in the trail. They each faced at different way and said, “This way!” They turned and looked at each other.

“Raven?! Who is in charge here?!”


“Oh… I thought that we… well aren’t both supposed… can’t we… this trail is so nice… uhhh… um…………………… is it………………………………… you?”


“Is that a question?!” Kit replied hotly.


“Oh… uh… NO!” Raven said slightly confused, “NO! No IT IS not! Uh… YOU! YOU are in charge.”


“RIGHT! Glad that’s cleared up. Now let’s go THIS way.” Kit grinned as they headed down her path.

Finally they came to a hill, and promptly climbed up. Raven spoke up. “Kit, I found a whole gathering of these rare purple flowers back there! See?!” She held one up. Kit didn’t even glance at it.

“Yeah, yeah, sure…” Kit said absentmindedly looking down the other side of the hill. Suddenly she screamed, “Oh my gosh!” And she ran down the other side of hill.

Raven came panting up behind her. “What’s the matter Kit?”


“Nothing!” Kit said acting surprised, “Only that I, the great Margret Kittredge, have found a EXTREMELY rare flower!” She pointed in front of them.

A single open purple flower grew.

Raven sighed disappointedly. “Uh… Great find Kit.”

“Thanks!!!” Kit exclaimed excitedly, “Now you take a picture of me next to it.”

Kit handed her the camera in the bag, and Raven stuffed the flower in her pocket.

“Say Cheese!”

“Cheese!” *CLICK*

Later, still in the woods…

*CLICK* Kit took a selfie (after much trial an error in trying to handle her big bulky camera backwards). “Now the amazing Kit will climb the unclimbable! She will reach the top of a tree with barely anything to hold onto!” She reported.

She put her camera in the bag, and set it on the ground. Then she started to try and climb up the monstrous hunk of wood.

“EEEEEEEEE… EHHHHHHH… AHHHHHHHHH… OOOOHHHHHH… Almost there!!!!!!!” She looked down. She hadn’t moved even an inch upward. She grunted, “Ugh! This tree really is unclimbable!” She looked up to see how tall it was.

To her utter surprise Raven sat up in the tree looking off into the distance. Kit called up to her, “Raven, come down! We got to get a move on!”

Raven climbed down carefully. On the ground she turned to Kit. “Oh Kit! It’s so beautiful up there! Why don’t we climb up and enjoy nature together?! It so nice! You’ll love it! Please come!”

“Raven,” Kit explained, “I’m an amazingly awesome, reporting and adventuring, daredevil machine. I don’t want to waste my time just sitting around doing nothing. It’s not my style. I need to do something crazy cool.”


“Oh.” Raven replied with a straight face, “I guess so…”


“I uh… I can’t even spare time to climb this easily climbable tree.” Kit said patting the trunk.


“Ok…” Raven replied and they walked on.

“I need to do something!” Kit vented out loud as they walked.


“You will Kit, you just have to…”


“PERFECT!” Kit interrupted suddenly,”Perfect! Isn’t that perfect?! It’s perfect!”

She handed the camera bag to Raven.

“Kit, wha-what are you going to do?” Raven asked softly.

“See that bird up there on that high, high, branch of that dead tree.”



She bent over to pick something up. “I’m going to scare it out of that tree by throwing this rock way up there.”

Raven threw up her hands. “No! Kit, don’t do that! It’s not nice! You might hit it!”

“Raven, I have excellent aim, and I am not planning on hitting it.”


“No you… well maybe you do… but, oh, just please! It wouldn’t be kind to it anyway!”


“Stop worrying, Raven.” Kit replied calmly.






“No Kit!”


“RAVEN! NOW, I’M GOING TO THROW IT, SO STOP SAYING NO!” In her anger to prove she was right, she threw it, forgetting that she wanted a picture to be taken.

The rock whirled up into the air. It kept spinning and spinning until it hit………………………………………………………………. the bird! The poor thing went falling to the ground.

“Oh no!” Raven whispered. She put down the camera bag and went to help it.


Kit gasped and sadness spread over her face.

Kit approached Raven. “Raven… I…. I…”

Raven stood up holding the bird. “Her wing is broken.”


Kit apologized wholeheartedly, “Oh I’m so sorry! I should have listened! I’ve been ignoring you all day! And now look what I’ve done!”


Raven smiled so big, Kit was taken by surprise. “I forgive you Kit! Here… you hold her.”


“Well… ok…”

Raven handed the jay gently to Kit. “Hey Raven, how about we make up with this bird by taking care of her until her wing is healed?”


“Sounds like a plan!”

“Let’s go home Kit.”


“OK!” So they started on their way.


“So… since this bird is going to be with us for awhile, how about we name her?” Kit suggested.


“Sure! Well, she is a bird…”




“Maybe then… oh I don’t know… possibly……………………….. Raven?”


“HA-HA, Nice try RAVEN, but this bird is a BLUE JAY.”

Raven, didn’t even notice that her rare flower had fallen out of her pocket. But, she wouldn’t have cared anyway, because today she found something much more valuable in a friend.

Weeks later…

“Today is the day you’ll fly Margaret Sky,” Raven told the bird one lovely morning. (They had compromised on her name by using Kit’s REAL first name and Raven’s middle name.)

So Margret Sky spread out her wings and flew away, chirping happily.

“Bye! Bye!” They waved and said simultaneously.


“Man,” Kit sighed, “I’m going to miss M.S.”




“Yeah, I shortened it. It sounds cooler. And I like coolness.”


“Is that so?!” Raven laughed.




Raven giggled.


“Well, I do!”




Thanks for reading!!!! Did you like it? What was your favorite part?


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