Hey Guys! I want Your Opinion on some things…

As you might know, (you can read on the About Page: I can only keep two dolls in our Fifth Wheel and the rest stay at my grandparents’ house. Well, my sister and I’s birthday is coming up and………… We get to get a new AG DOLL!!! YAY!!!! But, that means either Grace or Kit will be going away. Now my question is, which one do you think should stay? Comment at the end of the post, but first look at these pics of them. Kit is on the left, Grace is on the right:

Finally, I want to ask you something else. Which doll should I get?! Below are the ones I’m thinking about:

Truly Me number 55

Rebecca Rubin

Samantha Parkington


Comment which one you think I should get, and don’t hesitate to say why.


You might be wondering why I don’t want one of the new dolls. Well, it has been proven that Tenney and Logan have SQUISHY vinyl!!!! I am disappointed in American Girl. Also, Felicity does not have a very large collection yet.


Thanks Guys, can’t wait to hear what you think.


  • Ruby

    I think you keep Kit! I just really like her. Maybe you should get the
    Truly me, since you don't have one.

  • Diamond

    Thanks for the comment the other day, sorry it took me so long to check
    out your blog. As far as the dolls go, I think it's really up to
    you. I totally recommend #55, if you're wondering.

  • Loretta Houben

    Hello! I'm a complete random stranger stopping in to comment from
    seeing your link at American Girl Ideas. I live in Canada, and I have 17
    AG dolls but I'm blessed to live in a house although I'm running
    out of room! I bought Tenney and she doesn't have squishy vinyl; she
    is very pretty and I'm delighted with her. I would find it difficult
    to choose between Kit and Grace; I have them too. Kit reminds me of my
    Mom as a little girl growing up in the 30's. I'd probably keep
    Kit. I took a tiny Kit to Europe one time and she appeared in many
    photos. Maybe you should draw straws? I do have Rebecca, but my
    favourite AG doll of all time is Samantha. I bought her in 2006 and I
    would suggest you get her, as she disappeared for a while and I'm so
    glad she's back! Enjoy your dolls, whatever you do!

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