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DIY At Home Fireworks for Dolls

Here is how to make some Fourth of July “Fireworks” for your dolls to “set off” in the backyard. I actually think they might be called “flowers” but I’m not sure.


  • Your materials will be: shiny red and blue paper, white cardstock, white string or embroidery floss, red and blue colored pencils, a glue stick, and a hot glue gun (with hot glue).



  • First, cut a rectangle out red paper that is about 3” by 2″. Do the same for the card stock.
  • Use a glue stick to glue the red rectangle onto the card stock. This will make it sturdier. Trim off any excess.
  • Then use the hot glue to glue the short ends of your rectangle a make a hollow cylinder.



  • Take your string and cut it to about 3″.
  • Put your cylinder on the cardstock while you hold the string in the center.
  • Then fill the cylinder half way with hot glue, making sure the string stays in the center.



  • Let the hot glue dry then cut the cylinder out of the card stock.
  • Cut out a shiny blue paper circle the same size as the open end of the cylinder. Cut a slit in the middle of the circle, to put on top of the cylinder and pull the string through.
  • put hot glue around the edge of the cylinder and press the circle down on top.



  • Design a label on the cardstock with your colored pencils and hot glue it on your cylinder.


Have a great Fourth of July everybody. Oh, and don’t expect these “fireworks” to work. 🙂


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