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DOLL LIFE: Kit and Julie, Best Friends Forever.

Hello Doll Lovers! I am happy to introduce a new type of post: DOLL LIFE! Doll life posts will show you more of what the dolls do and are like on a regular basis! This is the first Doll Life post about how Kit and Julie (my sister’s doll) are BFFS. You never knew that before, huh? Doll Life will introduce you to some new facts about the dolls. I hope this new type of post is going to be fun!

Kit and Julie are best friends. They might be a year apart in age but, they just click. They’re a lot like sisters.

They both are daring tomboys.

Both are extreamly competitive.

Not to mention they both have blonde hair.

And they both have pet bunnies. But of course they aren’t exactly alike…

Kit brings the goofy. 😜

Julie brings the cool. 😎

Julie is more sporty.

Kit is more book addicted.

They appreciate each others differences though, and have a lot of fun together. Sometimes they can get into trouble.

Julie and Kit stick together. But… they argue sometimes, since they both have really strong personalities!

When they make up (they always do), they know no friendship is complete without a secret handshake.

High fives are also a must. (They are always trying to one up each other on the hardest high five!)

Kit and Julie always defend each other. So there is NO STOPPING J & K.  They are BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.


Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you enjoyed learning more about Julie and Kit’s friendship! They consider themselves an awesome team! Bye for now!



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