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Doll Life: Roommates Tenney and Rebecca

Hey YOU AND YOU AND YOU! I’m back from my short break (I’ve already started posting on my personal blog with a post about my cat as the cat from the Lego Ninjago movie).

I bring to you my third Doll Life post in which I explain certain aspects of how my AG dolls live. Today: it stars Rebecca and Tenney who share a room in my dollhouse. Let’s discuss how that works out for them…

Tenney and Rebecca tend to be opinionated people. You might think that they wouldn’t get along together because of this, but because they tend to mutually share a lot of opinions it works out nicely (plus Tenney is willing to compromise on occasions… XD). For example, they both agreed very well, about the decor of their room.

Rebbeca and Tenney keep their room very neat. Every morning they get up and make their beds.

They help each other choose outfits and accessories.

They also help each other get ready. Tenney tells Rebecca she is still too young for makeup but after much pleading by Rebecca, she allows her to wear a little of her blush.

Rebecca enjoys doing Tenney’s hair and makeup when Tenney will let her.

Coming home from practice, Tenney always gives her roommate exclusive tickets to her concerts. When Tenney practices at home though Rebecca has two reactions:

She either acts out a weird drama to Tenney’s music or if it is too early…

…she urges Tenney to stop because she is trying to get her beauty sleep.

Even though the room is very girly and dainty, you might often find Logan there. It is one of the rooms where he feels the most comfortable since Tenney is his bandmate and Rebecca practically views him as her big brother.

Rebecca will often weep on Tenney’s shoulder after a situation she found upsetting. Tenney accommodates while secretly thinking that Rebecca really has nothing much to worry about at her young age.

So that’s life in the room of Tenney and Rebecca! They make great roommates and fantastic friends.

Are any of your dolls roommates? Would you like to see future Doll Life: roommate posts? Talk to me in the comments! If you enjoyed the post be sure to drop a like! Bye for now, everyone!



  • Katie

    Aww I love it! Rebecca and Tenney sound like awesome friends 🙂 and can I just say, Tenney looks GORGEOUS in the post header! Her hair looks so soft and smooth and beautiful awesome post! Would totally love to see more of the roommates!
    -Katie 🙂

    • Jewel

      Thanks, Katie! Thank you! I was pretty happy with how her hair ended up looking. 🙂 Oh awesome. I’m thinking about Chen and Luci next…


  • Emmie

    This was really cool! Your photography is amazing. Do you have any tips for lighting? I normally use studio lights, but I find it really hard to position them right sometimes. I love how creative this post is, it would be awesome to see more!

    • Jewel

      Thank you so much, Emmie! Honestly I’m not that good at lighting. I don’t have any equipment as far as that goes, but for this post the windows were shining light into my room (I do love natural light. It’s the best kind of lighting you can get.). Also, I believe my room lights were on. For a few of the photos I used the light from Tenney’s vanity. XD I like that light a lot because it is very white and not yellow (I believe that is because they are L.E.D. lights, which I like). I also used flash. That’s all really, then I edited them. I do try and position my dolls in the light in such a way that not much shadow is on their faces especially. Thanks again! Oh, great!


      • Emmie

        You’re welcome! Thank you for answering my question. I’ve got a window that shines directly into the space where I take my photos, but the blinds usually mess with the shadows, so I just close the blinds usually. Thanks for the tips! No problem!

  • Jewel

    LOL THANK YOU, DIAMOND! Thanks so much! I have so much fun with Becca’s personality. XD Yay! I’m so glad you are back!!!


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