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Doll Life: Saige’s Morning Routine

YAY! So as you can see my thingamabob came, and I got to post today! I repeat: YAY! XD

Oddly enough, this is only my second doll life post. If you need a refresher, doll life posts give you an inside look at how my dolls live on a day to day basis.

It’s sometimes hard to come up with ideas for these without them fitting into a different category instead. Today though, I will be showing you how Saige’s perfect Saturday morning might go! Saige does love being around people but she needs her alone time too. The mornings are when she usually does that.

First off, Saige and Mckenna share the loft bed since it is wide enough to fit them both. Unfortunately for Saige, Mckenna sometimes snores. Saige has a stuffed Giraffe she always sleeps with.

She likes to sleep with her hair in a braid when she can, to help prevent it from becoming tangled. She wakes up before Mckenna more often than not.

Saige likes to be prepared, so she has her chosen outfit waiting for when she wakes up.

She was my first doll to get her ears pierced and hardly ever goes without earings… but they must match her outfit.
















TADA! She’ll wear anything in cheery colors.

After that, she usually gets some breakfast. Donuts are a special treat!


Where there are donuts there are dogs. No? Well, Saige certainly thinks so. She will never eat breakfast in peace so long as her two dogs, Chocolate Chip and Pepper, still remain alive. That’s ok though. She doesn’t mind. Saige has a real connection to her pets.

After that, she takes the dogs out for their morning walk. And why not bring Picasso along?

Then she hops on Picasso’s back. She loves feeling the wind on her face.

Once inside, Saige has to make sure to wake up Mckenna, who would probably sleep an eternity if it weren’t for her. Good thing Saige has a strong, loud voice.

Once that’s over with, she puts on her painting smock to prepare for some creative art.

Saige has always been very intelligent and creative. She is a quick learner.

Being the perfectionist she is, she can get overly frustrated when the smallest detail of something isn’t to her liking. (Here she was throwing her arms in the air saying she was going to give up painting forever… because she accidentally put a bright orange streak in her painted Picasso’s hair.)

After that, Grace might call for lunch. Saige takes of her smock. She needs to tell the others about her burdens as a painter so that they can comfort her. Then she’ll feel all better…


THANKS FOR READING GUYS!  If you enjoyed learning more about Saige be sure to like! Can you relate to anything that Saige does or any personality quirks she has? I’d love to hear in the comments! Also, I’d love to hear any ideas you have for Doll Life posts. This weekend I’ll be working more on Cinderella so that the first part will be ready on Tuesday. Bye for now, everyone!




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