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Dollhouse Tour!

Hello! Today I decided to give you all a tour of my AG dollhouse! This will not be in video form as I had thought it would before. I thought it would be easier to give you pictures so you can look at details as long as you want. 😉

My dollhouse is made from Ikea shelves and things we have bought and/or collected over the years. You’ve seen parts of it before, but not all. I’ll start at the bottom of the house and move my way up.

Luciana and Chen’s Room

Sadly, you are always going to find pink and purple (even if it is not realistic) colored doll items. Luckily, Luci and Chen’s room has become a great place to accumulate a lot of the pink and purple stuff we have. I noticed the colors were quite prevalent in Luci’s collection and Chen is kind of girly so I thought, “Why not?”

They have lantern lights and the little chair folds out to be Luci’s bed.

They also have a whiteboard. There are a few nick-nacks on their dresser, but I make sure it doesn’t look cluttered.

Tenney and Rebecca’s Room

I noticed that Tenney and Rebecca both had a lot of muted/pastel colors in their collection. Since we already had Tenney’s stage and dressing room, I put it to use in their room.

They have their own little things as well. The picture in the frame is from the catalog.


The lantern lights from below continue into the kitchen. This room also functions as a little bistro for Grace. There is a “coat hanger” (actually a mug holder), and a styling caddy from AG that I got a few years ago. (It is not in a doll bathroom because we don’t have one! But seriously, dolls don’t need to use a bathroom. Just saying. We thought a bedroom would be more useful to us with the space we had.)

The stools are popsicle makers with ducktape seats! I also “made” the white counter by gluing two wood pieces together and painting it white.

Also, since the dolls don’t have a restroom, we keep the pet bathing station in this room.

The Living Room

This room is very simple but very functional and roomy for the dolls. We use our iPad as a TV for the dolls. The round white ottoman is an upside down easter basket. Logan, being the only boy as of now, sleeps in this room.

My sis bought the little decorative saying block. I love that it says, “enjoy the little things.”

The 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s Room

This room (mostly inspired by, Julie) houses my sister’s 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s era dolls. It has a pillow “beanbag,” and a sports bench from AG. Sadly, all three dolls must share a bed made from two AG boxes. (THEY ARE SO USEFUL FOR BEDS).

Julie must have a basketball hoop, of course.

The Girl Of The Year (GOTY) Room

This room houses all three of my first GOTY dolls: Mckenna, Saige, and Grace. It just seemed a little tight to have Luci in here too. My Grampy made the loft bed for McKenna. Grace sleeps on yet another doll box. The chair was an old AG school chair I found (I think) that didn’t have the desk part on it. Right now it is usable for the loft bed’s desk.

We have a couple of cool storage bins that we use as “hampers.” One is seen in Luci and Chen’s room.

The shelves under the loft bed, hold our dolls’ earing tree, many little boxes, books, a tiny piggy bank, and other things.

Vintage/Historical Room/Attic

The last room is the attic (called so, because of Kit’s stories). It is a bedroom for our remaining historical dolls: Kit, Marie-Grace, and Caroline. Caroline and Marie share an old baby-doll bed, and Kit uses a doll box. The “catch of the day” wall hanging was colored by myself, a long time ago. Kit’s desk is in this room as well.

Kit’s typewriter is on her desk, and the clock is on top.

The House

Now, you might be wondering where Raven and Lanie sleep. These two nature loving girls, make themselves at home in the AG doll Popup Camper which is not out at the moment.

So that’s our dollhouse! Did you like it? If you did be sure to give this post a like! What was your favorite room? Any questions about something in a room? Ask me! I love questions! XD Bye for now, everyone!




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