Dolls Are Cool Photoshoot

Hello Guys! Has anyone ever told you dolls aren’t cool? Well, here are Mckenna and Julie to disprove that notion, LOL. I really like the brick backdrop.

Hope you liked it! Mckenna and Julie are two awesomely cool dolls!!! Which Pic is your favorite?


  • Light4theLord

    Ohmygoodness! Those photos are extremely gorgeous! Where on EARTH did
    you get Julie's shirt? I TOTALLY need to get one of those. XD Can I
    have one too? 😀 😀 I loved ALL of those photos – the fifth and sixth
    are my favs!
    ~ LIght4theLord

  • Jewel

    THANK YOU! I have no idea where Julie's shirt came from! It was on a
    stuffed animal we got at a thrift store! It is not even for dolls! What
    it says is perfect though! Sorry, I just have no clue, except that it
    might be build a bear (though I'm not sure why it would say those
    words). THANKSSO MUCH!

  • Katie

    Wow I really like this photo shoot. YES DOLLS ARE COOL!!! How could
    anyone think any different ☺lol. P.s McKenna is totally rocking those
    sunglasses ☺

  • Diamond

    Yes, dolls certainly are cool. I happen to think that these pictures are
    cool too. Actually, I think you are an amazing photographer. You are
    definitely improving and becoming an experienced photographer.


  • Jewel

    Right?! LOL! Thank you Diamond!!!! I am soooooooo glad you think so!
    That's very encouraging, THANKS!

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