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Don’t "LEAF" Me, A Photo Story

HELLOOOOOOOO! (After you read the story hopefully you’ll get the title) I am excited to present you all with a new photo story starring Caroline and My sister’s doll Melody! My sis did Melody’s awesome hair BTW. I LOVE it! Also I realized, that when I post late like today it is usually on Mondays. That is because a lot of the time I don’t take the pictures for posts on the weekend. I end up taking them on Monday like today and when the post is finally finished, it’s pretty late. Sooooooo…. to fix this problem: I will now switch my regular posting days from Monday and Thursday to TUESDAY AND FRIDAY. It will be up on the “What I Do, What You Can Do” page soon. NOW to the story!

Melody pulled caroline outside. “Come on Caroline, you promised.”

“Yes, I suppose I did,” Caroline admitted. She had been doing some house work when Melody interrupted her to keep her promise. Caroline had to help her find the perfect leaf to press for a school project. There was no going back because Caroline ALWAYS kept her promises.

Melody soon found a small tree and started jumping up and down with her hands held high. She was trying to grab a big leaf on a high branch. Being unsuccessful she asked Caroline, “Would you lift me up so I can get a big one?”

“Melody,” Caroline explained, “I don’t think I can do that. I’m not very strong.”

“What do mean ‘not strong’?” Melody turned and asked puzzled, with her arms still in the air.

“I’ve just never really built much muscle, I guess. I can’t even beat Mckenna in arm wrestling. We will just have to find a different leaf… sorry.”

“Oh… Ok,” Melody sighed putting her arms down, “Let’s go find a different one.”

So they tried…

And tried…

AND TRIED… but, they couldn’t find anything to Melody’s standards.

Melody walked sadly ahead of Caroline with her head down. “I just want to find something great for this project.”


“Don’t worry Melody, there has to be something…” Caroline sighed.

Melody walked on, Caroline stopped and looked after her. She yelled, “I’m going to look over here, Melody.”

“Ok I’ll look over this way.” Melody yelled behind her.

Caroline observed a small plant on the ground. She realized immediately that the leaves were too small.

Melody looked around till finally something caught her eye.

Suddenly Caroline looked up. This place seemed familiar. Was this that place where that giant ditch had been dug, a few weeks ago?

Melody saw the beautiful little leaf and reached to grab it.

Caroline suddenly gasped, “Melody! Get away from there!!!”

Melody whisked around, “Huh?”

But it was too late. Melody tripped and slid into the ditch she hadn’t even noticed before.

Melody desperately grabbed onto the dirt but it crumbled away at her touch.

All she could do was grab a small root, she realized she was screaming for help as she tried to scramble upwards.

Suddenly she felt hands grasp hers hard.

“It’s ok Melody, I got you!” Caroline voice was heard.

Then everything was still, as Melody hung into the chasm by the grasp of Caroline.

Caroline groaned and breathed hard, “Ughhhhhh…”

Tears trickled down Melody’s cheeks. She whispered, “Caroline promise you won’t let go!”

Caroline took a deep breath, “I promise, Melody.”

They were there for awhile. They tried calling for help; no one answered. Caroline muscles were terribly sore and aching, her hands were sweaty, and her neck was not stretched. It hurt.

She started crying, “Melody, what are we going to do?!”

Melody looked up, “Caroline, you are going to have to pull me up.”


Caroline sobbed louder, “Melody, I can’t! You know I can’t.”


“You can.” Melody said, “You got to try! I believe in you. You can!”

Caroline stuttered, “I don’t know! I-I guess I have to try…” She took a deep breath, and prayed a quick prayer.

Then Caroline heaved with all the might in her, and Melody did what she could, despite the crumbling wall.

“UGHHHHH!” Caroline pulled.

Melody’s feet flailed back and forth.

Melody chest started to slide onto the dirt above. “UGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Caroline pulled and pulled and then….

Melody’s feet slid right out of the ditch!!! They both sighed loudly and lied down (Caroline atop of melody) exhausted.

Melody rolled over and Caroline sat up. “Well… I’m never going NEAR that thing again.” Melody said humorously, but they didn’t laugh, they were too worn out.

They got up. They were filthy.

They brushed themselves off.

Suddenly Caroline was being hugged hard by Melody, “Thanks Caroline. You didn’t leave me.”


“You’re…” Caroline breathed in, “welcome.” She breathed out.

“Though,” said Melody, “You did lie to me…”

“Huh?!” said Caroline surprised.

“You are strong!” Melody giggled.

Caroline laughed as they turned and walk away, “I guess so!”

Abruptly Melody stopped walking, “Caroline! Look at that leaf!” She exclaimed pointing in front of them.


“Ah! Finally!’ Caroline sighed happily.




Hope you guys enjoyed it! How do you like Melody? Caroline? The next post will be on Friday! Bye For Now!



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