The New Girl of The Year (GOTY) 2017

She’s here! The new girl of the year.

Here is some info:


  • Her name is Gabriela Mcbride
  • She has a pet cat named Maya
  • She enjoys tap dancing and poetry 
  • She lives in Philadelphia 


Check her out:

My Thoughts:


Finally an African American Girl of the Year!!!!!!!!!!! Also, she does not have the Josefina face mold that has been used on many of the GOTY dolls! YAY! Plus, she is really cute, and the name suits her.


She does look extremely similar to Truly Me doll #46 that was recently pulled off the shelf (She probably is this doll). Again, she is dancer like Isabel and Marisol. I am pretty annoyed that they can’t be more creative in coming up with a new talent.

Comment below. Are you going to get her? I might get her, but I also have my sights set on Rebecca and Samantha (I really like Beforever Dolls).

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