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HELLO, DOLL LOVERS! My sister and I were having fun the other day, dressing the American girls and doing their hair when we decided to finally determine different ages for them. I used to say, that all my dolls were ten years old, but there is not much fun in that. We also have some dolls that are more mature than others (LOL). So now I will make a list of the dolls ages for you, that will be soon posted on the meet the dolls page.

Here they are from oldest to youngest. Some are the same age, but are still a few months apart (they can do this because they are not sisters). The lower the doll is on the list, the younger they are, even by months (or maybe weeks). My dolls are in pink, my sisters are in green.

12 year olds:


  • Caroline
  • Marie-Grace


11 year olds:


  • Grace
  • Julie
  • Logan
  • Tenneyson
  • Mckenna
  • Maryellen


10 year olds:


  • Saige
  • Lainie
  • Kit
  • Luciana
  • Chen


9 year olds:


  • Rebecca
  • Melody
  • Raven


So there you go!!! I think the ages suit the dolls. WHAT DO YOU THINK?




  • Katie

    I think those ages are perfect for them☺️ my dolls are all really close
    in age too, most of them only months apart. Looks like you and your
    sister had fun figuring it out ☺️

  • Diamond

    I think the ages fit the dolls well. Will they get older each year? I
    think you should feature you sisters dolls more often(if she'll
    allow)! You have such a sweet doll family.

  • Jewel

    Thank You! And great question! No they won't. That way it
    doesn't get unrealistic like: CAROLINE is now 35! LOL! YES I SHOULD!
    Thank you!


  • Sophia

    Cool! Both my dolls are eleven, and they do age every year, but if
    I'm still into dolls when they end up being fourteen then
    they'll probably age every two-three years (I mean, I've still
    got three years to think about it!!) I think that your twelve year-olds
    do give off this mature vibe (lol what am I saying it's 2017 not
    1973!), they just look like the dolls that are kind of bossy, but in a
    motherly way. Anyway, nice post!! <3

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