American Girl Popup Camper Review

I got the AG Camper for Christmas, and I am FINALLY doing a review on it!!! It retails for $185 on AG’s website.

Section 1: Accessories

Let’s start with the accessories! (:

The Magazines actually open and have content. The AG magazine has more pages than the camping magazine. The flashlight has a handle so the dolls can hold it, but is sadly does not work.

The Spatula is all metal (which is great). The pan is all plastic (It would have been nice to see this done in metal as well). They are a good size.

AG was smart to put in sporks, because they can be used as a spoon or a fork. They are all metal. One con about them would be: they are smaller than other AG silverware. Still, they seem to be an ok size. Maybe they are camping size. (:

The Kettle is plastic with a metal handle. The lid does not come off (unfortunately). It is a pretty good size.

A top view of the kettle.

Here is the plastic food. The meat balls and butter are stuck on the spaghetti and pancakes. The pancakes are actually two stuck together, top and bottom.

The plates are plastic and green with white splotches. They are a good size.

The Cups are also plastic and green with white splotches. They are a good size.

The bowls are plastic and green with white splotches. Maybe they could be a bit bigger, but bowls do come in all sizes .

This lemon-lime soda is really cute, but the straw does not come out and it is all plastic (which I’m not too bothered by).

* The orange juice is too small. It is about the size of an actual AG cup. Seriously, if this is accurate the dolls would pour themselves one cup of orange juice then the orange juice container would be empty.

*The milk is the same as the orange juice. It is make-believe 2 percent.





*The milk and orange juice are the same size.

The granola is an empty little card board box. It has writing on every side. The Nutrition facts are very cute. I’m not sure about the size…

The spaghetti is an empty little card board box as well. It’s a good size.

You can take the bread out of the package but I prefer not too. The bread pieces will not come apart. It is a good size for a loaf.

Ok, this is A WAY TOO SMALL plastic jelly jar.

I can see it being an accurately sized barbie jelly jar, but not AG. I call it camp sized, even though it is still way too small for this. The lid is not removable.


This is A WAY TOO SMALL plastic peanut butter jar. It is larger than the jelly jar. The lid is not removable.


This is also a TOO SMALL plastic pasta sauce jar. It is larger than the peanut butter jar. The lid is not removable.

Here is the cute transparent plastic maple syrup jar. The lid is not removable.

These pretend plastic ball lights are not lights, but are a good decoration.

This cushion is not as plump as you may wish, but at least it is real.

These pictures show how small certain of accessories are too small. The jelly might seem a little bigger than it actually is.

Section 2: The Camper

The Camper is a Sturdy Plastic. Its wheels and legs are stationary. The two doors open and then you can click them closed. You start assembling it by snapping off the white plastic frame holding the polls.

A support flips up to stabilize the right side flap.

Pop the polls out of the frame and twist them together in pairs. Then twist those pairs into the designated spots on the camper. Pop the top frame on. Secure the vinyl covering on the top and sides.

The Vinyl cover also has mesh siding and plastic side windows. The back window remains open, and honestly, I’m not too bothered by this. The covering is very secure if put on correctly.

This set also has two sticker sheets. You can use the stickers to decorate the camper anyway you like. They are normal stickers and have no special quality.

The plastic sink faucet flips down for storage.

The plastic sink island pulls up, but it is not super stable that way, it may fall. I don’t want to exaggerate though, it is not Loosy goosy.

It then flips up for play.

But, we are going to only pull it midway up  and fold down the sink faucet so we can extend the bed.



(As you might notice I took off the plastic seat cover, it is removable for storage. Then you can put it back on, then put the cushion over it.)

The plastic bed folds out when it is time for the dolls to sleep. The sink island holds up the end of the bed.

The cushion can be used for a pillow! The bed can sleep two dolls, but it looks nicer to sleep only one.

The sink all the way up.

The stove nobs actually turn and make clicking sounds. The stove unit is not removable.

The only “cabinet” that opens is the fridge. The others are just fake. So, as far as storage you have the small fridge, the shelf on the right of the fridge, and under the bench seat.

So, what did you think? Will you get the American Girl pop up Camper?


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