Fancy Twist Ponytail

Hola DN viewers! Yay! Time for another hairstyle! I just came up with this after a bunch of experimenting. I think it turned out pretty good, and similar to my vision. Grace just ROCKS IT! (Maybe “ROCKS IT” isn’t something to say about Grace and a fancy hairstyle, but SHE DOES!) I call it the “Fancy Twist Ponytail.”


  • A hair tie. (It is just for tying the hair back momentarily, so it doesn’t matter if it’s super strong.)
  • A pony tie. (Or a nice hair tie. I like pony ties because they are strong and tight, plus you can buy them in packs of around 100.)
  • A clip. (Fairly strong and not too tiny.)
  • A brush. (Not pictured.)
  • Optional: A water spray bottle.


Start by brushing out your dolls hair (with water from your spray bottle if you want).

Next, separate the hair down the middle making 2 sections. Tie one of the sections off with the hair tie so it is not in your way.

Take your free section and separate that into two equal sections.

Take the section closest to the front and and twist it tightly upwards towards the head. Cross the hair cylinder you just made over the other small section.

Now, wrap the other section around the twist in the same way.

Twist is around until you get to the bottom.

Clip the twist tightly to your dolls shirt so it doesn’t unravel.

On the other side take out the hair tie.

Now repeat the process.

Instead of clipping the end to her shirt hold it tight.

Unclip the other side, and then bring the two twist to the back of her head.

Tie them tightly into a ponytail.

Brush out the pony for good measure.

It ends up looking like this^, but let us go a step further.

Gently pull the twists on each side of her head to make them puff out.

Get the look you want pulling and tucking her hair into place.

Here are my results! I put her earrings in to make this definitely a fancy look.

The poof really has an old fashioned appeal. Next, I took her outside to test out the look even more.

Hope you guys like this style, be sure to try it out! Grace said she thinks, “It’s very pretty,” and she “wouldn’t change a thing.” Then Mckenna added, “Yeah, you really ROCK IT.” Now you know who I got that from, LOL!




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