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Graceful Grace (A Photoshoot!) + Even More News

Helloooooooo there!!! Ugh… I’m so sorry I didn’t post yesterday. My family and I have been busy working on moving into our house. I am hoping to get up a part of Cinderella on Tuesday. For now here is a photo shoot of Grace I took a little while back. Also, THIS IS THE LAST DAY TO ENTER MY GIVEAWAY. So, if you wanted to enter, make sure you do that ASAP. I will be revealing the winner tomorrow!

Is this weird? I do like seeing the different colors in her hair.

For some reason, for the longest time, I kept getting dolls that had some sort of blue eyes for some reason. They are very pretty… I don’t even have blue eyes (I have brown)! That is part of the reason my most recent dolls (Raven, Tenney, and Rebecca) have eyes that aren’t blue. I had to start being stricter with myself. XD

A lot of the time I have to make myself get some full body shots of the dolls. I tend to just want to take close up, detail shots… Sometimes I’m looking through the photos and I am saying to myself, “Aw man, I wish I had gotten a shot of her whole self. How are are they going to know what her outfit looks like? Ugh. I’ll get more full shots in the next photoshoot, I guess.” You know what? That hardly ever happens… classic me.

How are you liking Grace as Drizzella in Cinderella? I have a lot of fun with her personality. Grace is always pretty much willing to play anyone. Ever so often her sassy side comes out, but generally, she doesn’t cause problems.

Out of the many AG dolls I’ve seen, I gotta say Grace dolls have some excellent face paint.

YAY! Another full shot! Still, I’m not going to give myself a pat on the back just yet…

This last one is my favorite. 😊

Alright, now for some news. Yes, I know I just posted a news post, but over those few days some more things have come up that I want to share with you guys.

First of all, I think I have decided I won’t be getting a Create You Own doll. We were going to order it when we realized the Josefina face mold was back-ordered to April. It would arrive way past my B-day. Plus, I have seen CYO dolls that have had weird mistakes in their face-molds (for example, one eye hole being smaller than the other). So, I don’t know. Instead, I have pretty much decided on Luciana. She has the medium skin tone that I don’t have yet, I love the Josefina face-mold, her hair length is awesome, I don’t have a doll with the dark brown eyes, her story is wicked cool, and that purple streak! But, what do you guys think? 😉

Finally, my sister and I are decorating our room Star Wars style! (It was one thing we could agree on. Originally she had wanted a jungle theme with green walls and a tiger wall sticker, and I wanted a white and pastel-colored girly, frilly room… yeah seriously.) We both like Star Wars a lot. THE LAST JEDI WAS AMAZING!!! AHHHHHHH!!!! Ahem. Anyway, please, comment below telling me if you’d like to see it when it’s all done! I might include the AG doll house tour in that post. IDK. I think I’d do it in video form too… (Currently, I’m planning three videos for DN: a Lego room tour, my new doll opening, and a bedroom tour.)

Alright, that’s it (for now…). If you thought Grace was super cute be sure to like this post! I’ll see you all soon. Bye for now, everyone!





  • Diamond @

    Grace is beautiful! I really love your photography. I think Luciana is a great decision-I have 66, and they are both beautiful. You like Star Wars too?!? I LOVED TLJ!!! I really like Star Wars and I can’t wait for Galaxy’s Edge(Star Wars Land) to open. I also really want a stuffed Porg. The videos sound awesome. I want to see a room tour!(both of the dolls room and yours)

    • Jewel

      Aww! Thank you so much! Oooh good, thanks. YES!!! THE LAST JEDI WAS THE BEST! Oh wow! I haven’t heard about that yet! That sounds so cool! Porgs are adorable, I’m going to get a BB-8 stuffed “animal” for my bed. OK, great! Thx for commenting, Diamond!


      • Diamond @

        No problem. I go to Disney World somewhat frequently, so I read about it. Galaxy’s Edge will be great, you should read about it if you ever get the chance. Ooh B.B.-8 is awesome. Do you want to chat about Star Wars?

        • Jewel

          Cool! I should! I’ll have to get around to that some time… Yeah, I love BB-8. Well, I’m still kinda busy today, so I don’t think I’ll be able to, sorry.


  • Katie

    Grace is such a pretty doll, I love the unique freckle pattern! AHHHHHH A STAR WARS ROOM OH MY G-O-S-H!!! I can’t wait to see that…. And the Lego room 😀 Just letting you know some Luciana dolls are missing the purple streak, so if you go to a store to get her you might want to check her hair to make sure. Luciana’s a beautiful doll though! And I think her collection is pretty cool 🙂
    -Katie 🙂

    • Jewel

      Thank You, Katie! YES, I’M VERY EXCITED ABOUT IT. The Lego room video will come as soon as we clean up in there… XD Oh wow. IDK if I’ll be able to go to the store… so here’s hoping. If she doesn’t have it I’ll have to take it up with AG’s customer service. I think so too. Thanks!


  • justAG

    I loooooooove the fifth from last picture! Grace is probably my favorite doll. 😀

    Ooh Luciana! Now that you are not getting a create your own, could you tell me what color eyes and hair she was going to have? (If you don’t mind! I’m just curious what your dream doll is :))


  • Xyra

    Grace looks awesome; the photos are very nicely composed.
    With regards to your bday doll; you are in charge of your collection. Make sure your choice really speaks to you. If you have any doubts, wait, rethink, and re-evaluate.

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