Hair Bow Hairstyle

As seen in Doll Notebook’s “Spring Pink and White Photoshoot” Raven’s Hair Bow Hairstyle! It’s about time I did another hairstyle. Our internet is finally working, thanks for hangin’ in there. You can expect some more regular posting by me now.


  • Start by brushing your dolls hair out.
  • Then tie your doll’s hair into a pony, leaving two equally sized pieces of hair on the front sides. the middle should contain about as much hair as the two sides ones would combined.



  • Bring the two side sections to the back.
  • Tie the into a pony  above the first one.



  • Round the top pony into a bun, leaving a little hair at the bottom of the bun.



  • Part the bun in half.
  • Then take the excess hair and secure it down the middle of the parts with bobby pins.



  • (Optional) Take the bottom pony out.
  • And Viola!


This is a great formal or semi-formal hairstyle. Hope you like it (: I love it with Raven’s wavy hair.


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