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Happy Easter! Or was it April Fools…

Hi Guys! Mckenna here! As Jewel’s first doll, I have taken over the blog for this pretty special day… Can you believe today consists of 2 holidays?! That’s just awesomeness. Everyone knows my favorite holiday is April Fools, right? Well, Raven’s favorite holiday is Easter. I got myself in a slight bit of trouble today when I invaded Raven’s “Happy Easter” post, but I just couldn’t help myself… I came up with a genius prank or stole an idea from Pinterest. I’ll let you see it all for yourself. You’ll get a kick out of it:

Raven: Hello, everyone! I am Raven. I’m just here to tell you to have a very happy Easter! This is the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus! He died for all of us and came back, so we may live with him forever! Isn’t that just great?”

Mckenna: “Ahem, Excuse me? Did you say happy Easter? I mean, it’s a great Holiday and all, but it’s APRIL FOOLS DAY. I should know. I keep track of it like it was my own dog.”

Raven: “But… you don’t keep track of your dog.”

Mckenna: “Better than my own dog.”

Raven: “Well, actually, Mckenna… It really is Easter. I checked the calendar.”

Mckenna: “What! Let me go check the calendar!”

Mckenna: “HA! I was right! It is April Fools!”

Raven: “But I…”

Mckenna: “Happy April Fools Folks! Here is ‘Mckenna’s Guide for Succesful Pranking.'”

Mckenna: “First, you gotta’ look completely innocent. Observe: my sweatshirt says, ‘Sweet Heart.’ Who would suspect a sweet little girl like me, bringing misery to them through utterly horrifying pranks? Am I, right?”

Raven: “Wait! Mckenna, I distinctly remember this is Easter. I made sure of it!”

Mckenna: “Uh… Yeah, sure, Raven.”

Raven: “Oh… I’ll go check again…”

Raven: “Mckenna! This is so cool! Today is actually: April Fools day and Easter!”

Mckenna: “WHAT?! What are we supposed to do now?!”

Raven: “I am not sure…”

Mckenna: “There has to be a way to incorporate both Holidays into a single activity…”

Raven: “Well, I don’t think…”

Mckenna: “Ah Ha! I got it!”

Mckenna: “Raven, grab some of our newer friends and meet me in the living room!”

Raven: “Well, Ok…”

A Few Minutes Later:

Mckenna: “Welcome, Luci, Becca, and Tenney! As you might know, today is Easter!”

Raven: “Mckenna, it’s also…”

Mckenna: “Raven! HUSH!”

Raven: “But it…”

Mckenna: “HUSH!”

Mckenna: “Since today is EASTER, Raven and I are going to prepare an egg hunt for you guys!”

Luciana: “Sounds cool.”

Rebecca: “Egg hunts are NOT ladylike.”

Mckenna: “Even if the eggs are made of chocolate?”

Rebecca: “Ahem. Well… I suppose I could make an exception.”

Tenneyson: “Thanks, you two! This should be fun!”

A Little Later:

Raven: “Here are the eggs, Mckenna, just like you asked.”

Mckenna: “Great! Let’s eat ’em!”

Raven: “But I thought we were going to hide them for the others to try and find…”

Mckenna (Chuckling): “They already are.”

Raven: “What?! But there are no eggs!”

Mckenna (laughing): “EXACTLY.”

Rebecca: “This isn’t fair! I can’t find a single chocolate egg!”

Tenneyson: “That’s weird, I can’t either.”

Luciana: “Same…”

30 Minutes Later:

Luciana: “Ugh… this is impossible! You gotta’ admit though, they are good at hiding eggs.”

Rebecca: “What is going on! I should have found one by now!”

Tenneyson: “Oh. Guys… I just remembered… today is also April Fools…

Luciana (sarcastic): “WHAT? Are you kidding me?! Well, that’s just great!”

Rebbeca: “WHY THOSE…”

Tenneyson: “Hold it, guys! Come on, follow me.”

Meanwhile in the Kitchen:

Mckenna: “Mmmm! These are good! Why don’t you have one, Raven?”

Raven: “I don’t know… I feel kind of guilty…”

Mckenna: “Oh Raven! You’re too sensitive! It was just a little prank! And… a good one, I might add.”

Raven: “Umm… Mckenna.”

Mckenna: “I mean, isn’t it funny? Them searching for hours and hours, with nothing to find? HA! It’s pure genius!”

Raven: “Mckenna…”

Mckenna: “Yeah?”

Raven: “Look behind you.”

Mckenna: “Huh? Oh… Uh, hi… everyone… hehe…”

Mckenna: “April Fools?

Luciana: “Let’s get her!”

Uh… Umm… hehe… yeah. Ahem. Well, let’s just say I got what I “deserved.” Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it! Before you go though, why don’t you top it off by watching Madison’s amazing Easter stop-motion, The Goodbye! It is its one year anniversary of proclaiming the good news of Christ’s Resurrection! I absolutely loved it (no joke). Let’s get it to 1 million views!

If you think the Goodbye is totally great, and you enjoyed my story, be sure to give this post a like! Oh! Also, leave me a comment and I’ll respond! I hope you had a terrible Easter. APRIL FOOLS! XD I hope you’re day was fantastic! Adios! I’ll see you around!

-The Amazing Mckenna 👍


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