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Saige: Hello? Oooooh yay! It’s recording! Hi DN readers! It’s me, Saige! I’ll set the camera right here.

There we go! So… as you know, today is Thanksgiving! I may… or may not… have stolen Jewel’s camera to make this video… Anyway! I wanted to ask the other dolls one thing that they are thankful for! Let’s get started!

Hey, there is Grace! We’ll talk to her first.

Hi Grace!

Grace: Hi! Wait… is that Jewel’s camera?

Saige: Uhh… maybe? Ahem… would you tell the DN readers one thing you are thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Grace: Uhh… sure… Hi everyone, I’m Grace and one thing I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving is YOU! The DN family! I am so happy to be apart of this blog, where we have so many supportive viewers! Thanks! So… yeah.

Saige: Great answer Grace!

Let’s move onto Raven!

Hi Raven! What is one thing you are thankful for?

Raven: Oh wow! To start: God, my friends/family, flowers, Dollnotebook, that Christmas is coming soon, my sweet puppy Coconut…

Saige: WOAH! WOAH! Calm down! I said ONE!!!

Raven: Oh… oops… sorry.

Saige: Ok, so that was interesting… Now let’s see what Kit is doing!

Say hello Kit!

Kit: Oh. Hi. Saige… why are you using Jewel’s camera?

Saige: Well… uhhh… Kit, what are you thankful for?

Kit: That’s easy, THE FOOD! But… still, why are you using Jewel’s camera?

Saige: Oh.. uhh…

…Selfie time!!! Say “cheese!”

Kit: Oh… I see… you stole it didn’t you?

Saige: MMMmmm… possibly…

Kit: (giggles) Cool.  Wait, hold on… there’s a smudge on the lens.

Saige: No! Kit stop!

Ugh! Kit! You made me drop it!

Kit: Oooooh… is it ok?

Saige: Umm… yeah. Moving on…

Caroline: The turkey is almost ready!

Grace: Sweet! Do you need help with the sides?

Caroline: YES! That would be great! Thanks, Grace!

Saige: WAIT! Caroline!

Caroline: Yes?

Saige: What is one thing you are thankful for?

Caroline: Well… this might sound odd… but, I’m thankful for Thanksgiving. I really appreciate having a day to think about what we are thankful for!

Saige: Huh, cool. Thanks, Caroline!

Alright, those have all been good ones so far. Now we just have to ask Mckenna! Where is she anyway?

Mckenna: Has anyone seen Cooper? It’s time for his walk!

Saige: Oh! Here he is Mckenna!

Cooper: (Barks joyfully)

Mckenna: Awww! There you are! Come here you silly dog!

You are just the sweetest thing ever! Aren’t you?! Aww! Mama loves Cooper! Oh yes, she does!

Saige: Ahem! Uhhhh… Mckenna?

Mckenna: Yeah?

Saige: Would you…

Cooper: (Sniffing camera)

Saige: Cooper! Stop it!

Mckenna: Whoops! Cooper come back here!

Saige: Wait, Mckenna! I need to ask you something!

Mckenna: Really? What?

Saige: What is something that you are thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Mckenna: OH WOW! I totally forgot it was Thanksgiving!

Saige: (Face-palm) Right. The only holiday you keep track of is April fools day.

Mckenna: Haha! Yup!

Well… I’m thankful for… myself!

Saige: Come on Kenna! Seriously?!

Mckenna: Oh FINE! I guess I am really thankful that Jewel is going to be buying that new doll soon and…


Saige: MCKENNA! THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A SECRET! Oh! If Jewel finds out about this, she is going to be so mad! Not to mention, I stole her camera…

Oh! We are still on! Sorry about that everyone, just ignore her.

Mckenna: Hey! I wasn’t finished! Wait?! You stole her camera? You didn’t ask permission to use that?!

Caroline: Hey everyone! The turkey is ready! Time to eat!

Saige: Oooh! That looks good!

Caroline: Thanks!

Saige: But before we eat, why don’t we take a family photo!

Caroline: OK!

Saige: As Jewel says…


Camera: Click

Mckenna: You know I’m still not done talking Saige, right? I really am thankful that Jewel is getting a new doll! I heard her name is…

Camera: DEAD BATTERY. Shuts off.


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