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Have a Happy New Year! (Courtesy of Rebecca…)


Hello! WHO AM I, YOU ASK? WHO AM I?!?! Gasps then sighs … I’m… Rebecca. You probably don’t know much about me (even though I’ve been here just about an entire week…) because my new human, Jewel, hasn’t gotten a decent photo shoot of me yet. (I can’t understand her. How can she resist taking pictures of all this cuteness?! Well, she did say that she’s sick… but, whatever… that can NOT be an excuse.)

So I made a decision. I have raided her laptop. I’m evil, I know, but it wasn’t fair of her to make you wait an eternity to get a glimpse of my utterly blinding beauty. (No… I do not have any idea why people might say I’m dramatic! Why do you ask?)

Anywhoo… I guess tomorrow is 2018? Where did 2017 go? Was I seriously in a box most of the time? How cruel. That’s it… 2018… you’re gonna get a big dose of Rebecca. I’m done looking out a plastic window. It’s my time to shine.

I want to apologize that you didn’t get to see my spectacularness sooner. The other dolls here have told me it’s been a great year for “DN”… so… I’ll take their word for it…

Oh. I guess I should wish you a “Happy New Year,” but that’s soooooooo old-fashioned. Hmmm… I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL, AMAZING, SPECTACULAR, BEAUTIFUL, AWESOME, PHENOMENAL, CAPITAL, SPLENDID, MARVELOUS, SENSATIONAL, AND REBECCA FILLED, New year! Seriously though, I need to go before Jewel catches me… GOODBYE, MY PUBLIC! WE SHALL MEET AGAIN SOON: IN THE NEXT YEAR!

OH! And if you comment down below, I’ll answer you personally! Settle down… save your applause… I am literally that generous. I know. And if you like me as much as I do, be sure to like!



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