How I do Rebecca’s Hair

Howdy! Today, I thought it would be cool if I showed you all how I do Rebecca’s hair. Her hair can get messed up very easily, and I have a method to how I make it look good again. Whether you have a Rebecca doll or not, I still think you might be able to find this info useful for almost any AG doll, so be sure to stick around. 👍

First of all, a lot of the times you will see Rebecca dolls have large ringlet curls, like in the AG catalog picture that I’m holding in the above picture. My doll came with smaller curls though, and even though I could make them into the larger curls, I decided I like the smaller better. As you can see, Rebecca’s hair doesn’t look the best.

I sit her down on the ground and take out her hair clip. I also get my supplies: A spray bottle of water and a golfball brush.

I know what your thinking: “WAIT! A GOLFBALL BRUSH? JEWEL, THESE ARE 115 DOLLAR DOLLS!”

To which I reply:


You see, I would have never thought of this if it weren’t for the hairstylists at the AG store. When my sister and I were younger we had Caroline and Marie-Grace get their hair done at the American Girl store. The stylists pulled out these brushes and my dad asked what they were. We were surprised to find out this company who has all these hair care rules for their dolls were using GOLFBALL brushes on ours. Never the less, they said it made the hair shiny, so my dad bought us some at Walmart, shortly after. Just… trust me. XD

We use these on basically all our dolls with hair. It really does make their hair look shiny.

Next, I grab a small section of Rebbeca’s hair. I brush it out with the golfball brush. Now, these brushes are NOT a replacement for regular doll brushes, because they are NOT good for getting out tangles, but since I’m taking Rebecca’s hair in such small sections it is all I need for her.

With my other dolls, I usually go over the top of the hair once I have brushed it out with the regular brush.

I mist the hair with water and twirl it with my fingers till it looks right.

Sometimes I won’t do all the curls on her head, just the ones that need to be controlled. Also, it is good to start brushing near the roots so there is no frizz on the top of the head.

I also lightly go over the top of the head with the brush sometimes, to make it flat.

Here she is all finished and with her hair all in her face. 🙂

Next, I take a couple sections of hair from the front of her head and clip them back.

And that is how I do Rebecca’s hair! I hope you enjoyed! If you did, be sure to give this post a like. Did you know about golfball brushes for doll hair? Tell me in the comments! Bye for now, everyone!



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