How Permapanties Are Exchanged, And A Visit To The AG Store

Hi guys! Guess what…………… you might have guessed by the title, that I got Raven’s body changed so that she can have removable underwear! To do this I went to the Dallas American Girl store with my Dad. So let’s dive in!

So below are the pictures you might have seen before of Raven’s permapanties:

So here is what we had to do:



  • My dad and I walked around and asked where we could take our doll to get the permanent underwear replacement. A few AG employees weren’t sure exactly what we were talking about. Downstairs though, we found a lady (I think she was some sort of manager) who knew what we were talking about. I suggest to anyone doing this, to go directly to the checkout counter.
  • We went to the check out counter. The kind lady handed us a form. My dad had to fill out our address, phone number, his name, zip code, and stuff like that.
  • She gently took Raven from me and tied a paper doll hospital gown on her.
  • She explained that Raven Would be gone, 4 to 5 weeks, and would be mailed to us when she was finished.
  • Raven should arrive with a hospital gown like the one she had on, and a completely new body with new purple colored underwear!
  • EVERYTHING WILL BE COMPLETELY, ABSOLUTELY FREE! We don’t have to pay for shipping or anything! We just had to drop her off fill out a form and go!


So, I will miss not having Raven so long, but I am so glad that she is getting removable underwear. So I’m fine with her going away for awhile, so long as she comes back in good condition. No more Permapanties! Hurray! I WILL DO A REVIEW OF THE NEW RAVEN WHEN SHE COMES HOME!


So… I also took some pictures at the Dallas store of the Beforever dolls and Contemporary Characters! Oh! And Gabby! The Girl OF The Year! Thanks to My AWESOME Dad who took me there!



Sorry for any glare on the glass…


I love Melody’s play outfit! How cute! My sis wants her keyboard (that actually plays!).

SAM! A doll that I will most likely get eventually… Samantha’s BIKE! So cute!

Julie! I’m pretty sure she is the most popular Beforever! All her outfits are super cute!

Josefina! Actually (Fun Fact) her full name is Maria Josefina Montoya! My sis wants her or Logan next.

YAY! Kit, is such a great doll!  I Totally recommend her! Everyone of her things is super adorable! Her scooter is so cute! but, I doubt if I’ll get it because I won’t be getting her dog most likely.  The reason for that is Her dog has the same name as my doll GRACE (GOTY 2017). Never could figure out why they named the GOTY that… (This probably sounds a little silly to you, but I like to stick with the names in the books, I’m just weird about that).

Kaya! As you can see her display is pretty bare unfortunately… but not as bare as Addy’s! Addy didn’t even have a large display like the other Beforevers! Poor Addy, I don’t think she will be around much longer. Sorry, I didn’t get shot of her.

Rebbecca, do not worry! I’ll get you eventually! My Moms Favorite Doll. Either she will be my next doll or… Keep reading to find out who else.

And here is the other doll I’m considering! “WHAT!!!!!!!” you say, I know I said I won’t get her, but when I got Raven she had, as I realized after I bought her, all the faults I did not want when deciding not to get Tenney. Raven turned out not too disappointing still, and Tenney will not have permapanties, so that is a plus. She is a pretty doll, so she is on my wish list, especially since my sis wants Logan.

Tenney and and Logan on stage together! BTW Logan’s drums are not “real”. They are not the same as actual drums, just made to look like them. In other words: they don’t SOUND like actual drums. I should know, my Dad used to be a drummer.

Z! I’m not sure if I want her yet, which is weird because I love video making.

Her Filming Camera in relation to my hand. ^^^

Her Tripod is extremely flimsy, a minus.

I do love this desk set, but doesn’t EVERYONE! XD

Gabriela is a cute doll, but almost everything she has is just a copy of previous stuff (as well as the doll herself), and it doesn’t interest me. Also, her hair seems like it would be hard to keep nice. Just my opinion. I’ve seen others who are great with keeping this type of hair in check on their dolls.

I have NEVER bought AG PJ’s. They are just for the night, (When I don’t play with them) and they are too expensive for that. As much as I think they are SUPER CUTE, I prefer cheap PJ’s from other places.



So what did YOU think, about all this?!


  • Diamond

    Cute pictures! Glad Raven's exchange is free. American girl owes it
    to you. I would go crazy if my new doll was gone that long. Can't
    wait for her to return!

    Worldofagdolls.blogspot. com

  • From a Doll's Perspective (Anna)

    Congrats on going to the AG store! And that's awesome that you
    don't have to pay shipping for Raven!

  • Katie

    Yay! I'm so happy for you and raven! No more permapaties☺️I think I
    would die not having one of my dolls for that long! My mom thought that
    maybe we could send molly( my AG doll) to a lady to get her fixed (her
    hair is a little frizzy) but I couldn't do it☺️ p.s I totally agree
    with you on Gabriela's hair.

  • Jewel

    I'm happy too! But your right, I will probably be feeling more of
    the effects soon, of her being gone. LOL, I'm sure Molly wanted to
    stay as well, so you made a good decision. XD Yeah, I wouldn't want
    to mess Gabby's hair up.

  • Charlotte

    I need to get Addy in case she retires soon! Minor problem: I just got
    Lea's Fruit Stand on sale! So I kinda have to save up…

    • Jewel

      Sure! They’re not all bad, but they do give the dolls a weird shaped bottom and can appear under some of their clothing. It is just nicer to have them be removable.


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