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Hey Peeps! Are you excited? I am! Finally, I am going to be starting up another photo series! This won’t be just an ordinary photo series too, because I’m going to try a very original idea that my dad gave me quite a while back (maybe when I was making the 30’s!). I guess I just became brave enough to try it. I’m pretty stoked.

I know what your screaming in your mind at me. I can hear it through the screen. “WHAT IS IT, JEWEL! SPILL IT!”

Ok, if you insist. 😉

My Dollnotebook original photo series idea is: A choose the way photo series.

This might require some further explanation. Do you know those books where you get to choose the way the story is going to go? For example, the “My Journey with… ” books from American Girl’s Beforever line are like this. You get choices at the end of the chapters on what decisions you want the character to make or how you want the story to go, etc., and depending on the choices you flip to a page in the book where your choice told you to go, to continue the story from that choice.

This is similar to how my photo series will go:

At the end of each part, I will give a list of 2 to 3 choices about how the next part could go, and you can comment letting me know which choice you chose. Whichever choice wins the vote will be how the story ends up going.

1 rule:

You MUST comment your choice within 3 days of the post’s publishing.

That way, I’ll have time to actually make the next part for the story. I do ask you to be patient with me because this is very ambitious for a blogger (especially when I have to ALSO post on my personal blog), but it will be a lot of fun. I’ll be taking a break from the series to do a Thanksgiving post.

OK, so what is the story called? Well here is the featured image for you:

It is a detective story about an American detective (played by Logan) hired by Lady Travier (soon to be the queen of France, and played by Mckenna). He goes on a journey with a fellow detective (played by Raven) to find a mysteriously stolen treasure of Miss Travier’s. They don’t know what they are searching for because it is TOP secret. Will, they be able to work together to find it? What will it be?

Are you excited? If you are, I’d appreciate if you’d drop a like! Tell me what you think of this idea in the comments! Bye, for now, everyone!




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